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I see, feel, hear, and know the answers to your questions and the true source of your concerns.  I entered form with many gifts that continue to unfold. Every day is magical to me and I enjoy sharing the adventure with others.  Everything talks to me.  Everything in this world and beyond wants to be heard, wants to communicate with us.  I'm just the messenger, a conduit between you and the answers you are seeking.  Many individuals are focused on the world and the life they know, neglecting their spiritual inheritance just within reach. It is this birthright that greatly influences our lives when embraced.

On Healings: Healing can be simple. We tend to make it difficult, in part, through our belief systems.  Many individuals with a host of problems have come to me for a healing. In most cases a minor adjustment in their energy field was all that was required. It's not about curing a disease. It's about removing the source of the disease. A clear energy field is optimal to a healthy physical, emotional, and mental body.

On Readings: Guardian Angel readings, Angel readings, or simply readings, all come to the same point, a connection with spirit. Readings are entirely up to you, whatever your request may be.

On Dreams: Dreams are sacred. Even what we may call a simple dream can have profound changes in our daily life. When an individual comes to me with a dream it is as if I am walking in their dream, seeing it from a perspective of true meaning and clarity. The dream world is not the mystery it presents itself as. The ‘mystery’ is there, in part, as a buffer to what might otherwise overwhelm us. Walking the dream world, to me, is as natural as walking a wooded path.

On Past Lives: A past life has no power over us unless we give it power. They help make up who we are. But they don't have to control our present life. Past lives often come up in healing sessions. I've seen people make dramatic shifts in their well being after resolving a past life issue. For instance, the most common cause I've noticed in obesity is the result of a past life fear of starving to death.

On Soul Mates: Finding our soul mate can be paramount to some. A few individuals don't realize that we may have more than one soul mate or that we often overlook our soul mate. Our soul mate may be right in front of us or just down the path. It's not about finding your soul mate. It's about being open to receiving. Our ideal of what a soul mate is or should be to us is a lost approach.

On Timelines: I call them timelines because I often encounter past lives when I move across them. Timelines are about balance. There is a natural order or flow about them. Even walking through the local Mall do I rarely see an individual completely balanced. Many people look like a knotted up ball of yarn with numerous needles pushed in all directions.

On Portals: Portals are pretty common and increasing in number. Portals, similar to wormholes and stargates, are openings to other worlds or dimensions. They are pathways, for me, and show up often for various purposes.

On Ghosts: Ghosts come in various temperaments and strengths. The more power of mind a ghost has the greater their ability to present themselves. For the most part, ghosts are stuck here and need guidance to cross over. Energy signatures are often mistaken as ghosts. An energy signature is like a memory that replays itself. Some ghosts aren't ghosts at all but enlightened beings guarding certain areas or individuals. As a medium, discerning the difference and making contact is just part of the role of a medium. Being able to connect with deceased loved ones does not make them a ghost. The connection is spiritual.

Home Away From The Stars was founded by Daniel. He exhibited psychic abilities at an early age.  Witnessing a violent act forced him to see that he was different and in a very foreign landscape indeed. Daniel is known and sought out for his unusual abilities as a seer, psychic, teacher, and healer.

Home Away From The Stars provides psychic readings, dream interpretations, healings, and answers for you or your pet. Through our commitment, experience, and expertise Home Away From The Stars has established a sound relationship with our customers.

Testimonials: "...does amazing energy work.", "Thank you for the read that perfectly.", "...wise man and a true clarifier.", "Very friendly and helpful.", "...superb energy worker.", "Magical," "Awesome".

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