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Attunements  These were given to me through visional experiences in the order they are listed.  The Template must precede the Liquid Silver.  Otherwise the attunements are flexible in order and can be repeated as you feel necessary.  I guide your light through the visional experience.   

     The River Attunement   This is an attunement for when you feel like you're lagging behind, stuck in the past, edgy, or just generally feel like you're missing something.  It helps get you "up to step".  It is also a prerequisite to the first Visional, Oneness.

     Silver Tree Attunement  This is the tree of prosperity that enhances one's spiritual path and inherent gifts.

     Ageless Attunement  Here the aging issues are relaxed to allow space for full expression in the infinite moment.

     Light Worker Attunement  This attunement balances opposing fields of energy and simultaneous realities.  It supplies the necessary equal flow where all things become possible.

     Identities Attunement  Here the extensions of multi-dimensionality are relaxed as being separate identities or roles to allow fluidity and spontaneity in being.         

    Template Attunement  This addresses the misperceptions about the new template coming on-line with the evolutionary changes so that one can properly integrate and implement it creatively.  This is a beneficial "adjustment".    

    Liquid Silver Attunement  Here the connection between reason and creativity is enhanced towards unity and wholeness as we move away from separatism.

    Density Attunement  This lightens form, reduces density, and allows for greater movement in thought or intent where substance once interfered. 
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