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Diary 2014
January 2014:  This New Year will be very different from last year.  This will be a year of measured balance in many aspects.  Overreaching in any one direction, like finances, will bring disappointment all around.  Consider each aspect in equal measure for a harmonious relation throughout the year.  Last year on new year's eve I was guided to "absorb the energy of joy" expressed at midnight.  This time everything came equally.  It felt full and extremely balanced in all respects. 

1/8/2014  Unusual visual of what looked like a falling star last night in meditation, but there were no other stars in the background, just the descending fireball. 

February 2014:  Sketch of my aura reveals the creative process with Vesica Pices in the 8th chakra.  


2/7/14  Dreamed a friend pointed out a green bumblebee to me.  When I emailed her about it, she replied with a picture she had of them. 

April  4/18/14  A bird flew under my car today and was stunned, but still standing.  I parked and went to pick him up out of the middle of the road, but a car hit him again.  It was distressing.  When I met up with my friend, I told him about it.  He remembered a dream he had about me the night before.  He said I was watching a baby bird hatch, and it immediately flew out of its nest.  The hatchling taking immediate flight represents an instantaneous new beginning.

Near the end of the month, invisible hands took my arms in a lucid dream and led me to where the rest of the body was in a small pond.  I thought to call 911 and the location immediately came to my mind.  I was aware of the intent behind the arms to show me where the body was.

May  5/4/14  I was in a dream, but the hallway of majestic gothic arches towered my form with shocking realism.  And in each alcove along the vast hallway an image flickered like a condensed movie.  Staying to the vein, the backbone of the dream and hallway, I heard a tone.  It reverberated within me with a distant remembrance, and I waited.  I watched the holographic scenes in the alcoves slowly fade beyond recognition until all the possible paths they represented dissolved.  And I witnessed with vague familiarity as the seamless stone arches fell away into a mist like puzzle pieces scattering to a silent and unseen desire.
I emerged within what felt like a controlled dream scene where chanting and a steady drum beat filled my bones.  I saw the source ahead of me in a partially sheltered outdoor gathering of Native American women.  My glance drifted from the drummer to the chantress.  My female escort into this scene sat silent and motionless to my left, ignoring my mental inquiries.  And then the spoken words to my right shifted my gaze. "We could not venture to where you are at present, so we have brought you here among us.  This is the first step and immediate response to your request.  The next step is a difficult test.  Stay.  Your escort will show you your lodgings."  
My request?  How may I help in reestablishing the eternal flame of the chosen ones.
5/6/14  In the dream I came to a thick, large, square door of unknown material and with no apparent means to open it.  When I mentally wondered about the door, a delicate sea oat sculpture floated up into view, and I stroked it.  A high pitched chorus of chimes shifted the air.  And then a chantress, with the perfectly beautiful face of every nation blended as one, moved forward, repeating the same hypnotic tone in 1/6th (?) time.  The tone still rang in my ears upon awakening. 
July  7/6/14  Had a nice event at 1am.  It felt like I was in a pyramidal energy with the missing capstone being repositioned at my crown.  I could feel my molecular structure unbind then reform, like a wave moving from the outermost ends of my body towards my center and then radiating back out.  The accompanying visual was filled with points of light, and my form fell away into a structured layout of particles then reassembled.  There was a clear, piercing tone similar to previous events, but this one was especially clean in vibration where my teeth didn't ache. 
August  8/15/14  In the dream I assured my escort that I was ready, that I felt prepared due to recent events.  She then led me down a wooded path where at some distance I knew a meeting would commence.  The path was familiar to her, she greeted approaching animals by name.   But I stopped to see why a golden eagle was on the ground.  He was on his back and appeared to be dazed.  I reached down to help him get up on my arm and to see what I could do for him.  But he continually scraped and pecked my wrist with his beak to where I could no longer hold him and put him back down. 
Both my wrists soon began to itch and felt like they were being pricked by thorns.  When I rubbed them for relief, I discovered I was wearing bear hide gloves with reddish brown fur, similar colors to the eagle's breast feathers.  I tried to remove the gloves when I realized I was being nipped by small animals inside the gloves.  A flying squirrel, bat, mouse, and even a fox were partially visible or touched my awareness. 
An understanding that my earlier request was being answered relaxed my struggle to be free from their grasp.  The irritation quickly subsided, a warm tone enveloped my senses, and the strength of a focused force lifted me far into the sky.
8/26/14  Last night, in a dream, this guy in a Beefeater costume said to leave the mountain I frequently visit.  For reasons that didn't make any sense, something about pressure levels though.  (There was a 2.4 earthquake centered on this mountain on 11/8/14).  

  10/28/14   I woke up after a Native American surfaced in a dream.  He told me I must die under a layer of feathers.  I understood it to mean to completely give way to spirit, to let go and become. 
November  11/8/14  The clairvoyant artist said triangular, transparent panels dashed back and forth from distant spiraling lights to my form, creating pyramidal structures around me.  This image is similar to a diary entry on 7/6.  The diagonal blue bar felt self-contained without beginning or end.  It reminds me of a diagonal white one I saw recently.  It looked much like a long, thin, white, flat rectangle, resting in the void.  An angelic chorus of tones came from it.  It was a short burst of a chorus of notes.  And then it repeated at a lower vibration.  It had a visually defined length, but felt like it had no beginning or end.  It was a non-gender line.  And it had no intent, only infinite potential.  In this image, notice how the egg-shaped spiral snuggles up to the line and the line responds in form around it.
Pyramids are common with me.  A transparent pyramid was shown to me in a vision in 2012 and appeared to deal with templates.  Hundreds of gold rectangles were perfectly positioned in sharp perspective on a horizontal plane.  A huge, transparent pyramid enclosed them, held them at a specific level not too far from its base.

11/16/14  Had some nice harmonious tones ringing in my ears last night.  Woke me up, but didn't recall an event.  I did quickly voice requests while in the vibe and felt them flow into action.

December 12  Met an interesting being in a dream last night.  He said he traveled from world to world, restoring order.  He didn't look entirely human.  And I kept thinking of Thor when I was with him. He had a large, wing shaped object with six glowing circles on it.
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