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Diary 2008

January:  A cloud like form appeared to my left, drifting towards me.  Twelve figures illuminated within.  I stated, "Teach me in a joyful and healing manner".  Pulses of light burst forth from the cloud and engulfed me.  Voices drifted in and out as I fell to sleep. 

With all the energies that are coming in and raising our vibration towards 5th dimensional bodies, it may be that the supplements continue to support a 3rd dimensional body beyond its present needs and creates a conflict.  Also the plant (and animal) kingdom that we ingest is adapting instantly to the energies and our "hesitation" creates a friction in our bodies upon consumption.  Best to work with your intuition to see what your body requires and in what dosage.

Pulses of white light cascaded into my crown, spiking my energy and mood.

I felt my feet warming up, a pulse building, then an expansion.  A high pitch sound grew in volume.  My whole body was starting to vibrate.  I could see and feel an image, a part of myself slowly disintegrating from head to toe and exiting through the bottoms of my feet.  A rush of energy flowed in behind it, from my feet to the top of my head, embracing every cell as it moved.  I had let go of something big, and the change was dramatic.

A scene popped up in a vision and immediately folded in on itself in spiral fashion.  My third eye had been manipulated, opened wide.  A burst of light and energy rushed in.

February:  I was aware of a being standing in front of me.  His arm appeared elongated as it thrust towards me repeatedly.  With each thrust, a burst of energy entered my chest and spread rapidly throughout my body.

I could feel the energy in the room getting lighter and my body began to match the energy.  Waves of energy rushed up my body, up through my feet and out the top of my head several times.  With each rush a burst of white light filled my vision.

It is felt that Obama is the reincarnation of Abe Lincoln and most likely to win the Presidential election. 

March:  I asked for an upgrade and balance, felt the energy build, the roaring sound came rushing in and my body trembled with the adjustment.

I was in a tropical setting when I spotted and felt led to explore a vacant volcanic vent.  I started to crawl through but my hands would sink into the ground.  I could see light at the other end and decided to back out and walk to the other end to see what was there.  As I rounded the corner, a beautiful, chestnut haired, young, pregnant woman was sitting on the ground with her back to the vent.  "Gaia, it is you," I said.  She said, "Yes, you can feel the frequency, can't you?  You are welcome to explore."  She moved aside from the vent and I moved my right hand around in the opening until I felt a spike in energy.  I held my hand in the energy and heard a solid, constant, low tone fill my ears.  My body moved with the tone in a spiraling fashion until I heard Gaia call my name.  She said she wanted to show me something and led me to the edge of a beautiful garden.  Her birthing, the new earth is at hand. 

April:  Lots of unusual dreams this month.

Felt something touch my third eye.  Then I felt and heard three buzzing movements to the top of my head. 

May-June:  May spilled into June when I suddenly fell painfully ill with no apparent cause.  My entire abdomen swelled and ballooned, extending as if I were in the final hour of labor.  The doctors had no idea for cause nor could they find any problem.   Into the seventh day of immobility and incoherence the "dreams" began.  They were dreams where I felt I had no level of expertise.  I was balancing energy on a massive scale beyond my comprehension.  The dreams continued for three nights.  Each night the weight of the work felt less demanding.  Near the end of the final night, on the ninth day, I recognized the state of California and the balancing of energy there.  The following morning I was up, feeling well, bloating and pain diminished, amazingly clear, and fifteen pounds lighter from lack of appetite.  I had been a vehicle for cleansing and change.  And I was now suddenly a reflection of the same dramatic cleansing and change with diet, habits, energy, and attitudes being the most visible. 

July:  The flashes of light burst forth like lightning.  The familiar roaring sound and vibration once again kept my teeth on the edge of shattering.  Then the pitch went up a notch, the teeth relaxed, and for the first time I heard a voice speaking to me through the frequency.

A blast of light showered my crown.

September:  The "visitations" here have picked up a bit lately and are feeling different.  In the past the frequency had my teeth feeling like they would shatter.  Now it is smoother.  And the flashes of light are followed by visions now.  The other night a golf ball sized orb entered my right eye and dispersed throughout my body.  

October:  The roaring sound was approaching.  I looked to find the source and it dissipated.  I relaxed and the volume picked up again.  Then I looked a second time to see where the sound was coming from but it only retreated.  I moved my attention to my hearing chakras and the roaring sound blasted full volume.  It felt like it lasted five minutes.  My teeth ached all the while.

November:  The light bursts have been plentiful the last few months.  They spiked in numbers after an earlier event accompanied by the familiar roaring sound where I blasted out of my body through my crown. 

December:  The stereo came on by itself.  Taps on doors and windows.  TV came on in the middle of the night.  An uninvited ghost was asked to leave.













































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