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Visionals developed as gateways of psychic attunements from visions that I experienced.  These are gateways that I have passed through and now offer as unique attunements.  Each visional is layered with images, symbols, and protocols that only I can lead you through.  I am the key.  Once I've led you down the pathway and opened the gateway for you, the opportunities therein are only limited by your beliefs. 
Each attunement has personal and spiritual potential beyond measure.  For this reason, they are offered in specific order as shown below and with certain additional requirements.  Only one attunement a month is given.  But an attunement can be repeated at any time.  Attunements are not given to others without their permission.  It must be an individual choice.  Visionals are moderately priced on the services page to provide access to the greater majority, especially those individuals unable to attend lengthy and costly workshops with similar themes. 

The River attunement on the services page is a prerequisite to the first Visional.
All text, images and attunements are protected by copyright.

Oneness Visional

The key to oneness is the connection with all that is.  This visional assists in a level of oneness that many seek throughout their life.  Here the pathway is opened for you to embrace oneness within your capacity.

Gathering Visional
Here, all those aspects that are the totality of who you really are have the opportunity to come together.  The beautiful parts of ourselves that we deny, misplaced, or abandoned receive the invitation to blend.   


Balance Visional

This visional is related to balance.  There are pairs within pairs, poles within poles, mirrors within mirrors, stretching into infinity.  This visional addresses these imbalances and more.  It is the ultimate balancer.

Origins Visional

A journey to the beginnings of who you are is available here.  Abandonment and separation issues are gently purged on this pathway to freedoms embrace.  You are only ever alone in your thinking.


Realness Visional

Anything that you can relate to creates vast separation and illusion through identification.  Singling out even one element from the whole can limit potential.  Here, the misperceptions that create illusions in your life are paused. 


Stillness Visional 

A silent mind is open to receiving divine inspiration, our inheritance.  Meditation has long held the stage to achieving higher states of awareness through silencing the mind over time.  This pathway opens the gateway to the higher mind.


Shadows Visional 
This is a stripping away process of the shadows that cling and deter progress.

Perceptions Visional 
Here the many imagined and ingrained masks of divinity are revealed and purged in commitment to the "Infinite". 

Attachments Visional 
Attachments are self-serving false persona that undermine evolutionary growth.  They don't truly define who you are, but try to redefine you to their liking. 

Threshold Visional
This is the pathway of no obstacles.  It is and has always been open.  But there are always self-imposed restrictions to entering.  It is the gold path of boundless opportunities that is hidden by personal views of perception and perspective. 

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