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Diary 2005

January:  I woke up at 4:20am because my house my shaking and things in my room were rattling.  I hadn't heard any thunder and it's too late for planes where I live.  I feel tremors about once a week but this was a strong one.  Some tremors have been dimensional shifts.  I can feel the whole room shaking but things don't rattle.  When I finally started to doze off there were rainbows spinning 'round my head.

My deceased relatives have been showing up in my dreams lately, sending me messages.

Watching the new show "Medium" brings out all kinds of energy in my house and filters through my dreams at night.  The voices, noises, visions, all come at once.  My guides are pushing.


February:  I heard what I knew to be the sound of a spaceship.  I felt myself floating up, felt a presence above me.  The sounds began to fade and I floated back down, opening my eyes.

She had brought a stone over to show me.  I asked her to speak with the being in the stone for he had a mystery to reveal.  The room soon filled up with a colorful, sponge-like energy between us.  The energy grew and suddenly there were hundreds of beings enclosed in the energy.  Beings from this world, from all walks of life, receiving an attunement from this energy source.  They were present for some time then slowly dwindled away.  A portal opened behind my left shoulder and an energy beam reached down to the present energy.  A blue female energy showed up across the room and worked with great speed on assembling materials in front of her.  She eventually paused then came to each of us with a ball of white light.  We held out our hands and felt overwhelming joy reach through every cell of our being.  Past memories of happy times played across my vision.  We had been truly gifted.


March:   I heard my name.  I closed my eyes to close out any distractions.  I heard her call my name again and say, "Do not be in fear..."  Then my ears began ringing, drowning out her words.  My body began tingling.  The pitch in my ears increased in volume and my body was bubbling with energy.  Every cell in my body was vibrating from the energy surge.

Two nights later she came again upon my request.  This time she came in a dream.  She had long golden hair and asked me to lay on a table.  I quickly fell asleep in the dream.  My body was experiencing similar feelings I had on her last visit.  This time it felt like she was working on a different aspect.  I forced myself to open my eyes and ask her what she was doing.  Her head and hands were shaking slightly.  The feeling in my body subsided as she stopped to look at me and say, "I'm working on your muscle tone." 

I dreamed the owner of a company handed me a check for two hundred forty dollars.  I handed it back to him and asked him to add six zeros to the end of the amount.


April:  She called them points as her finger slightly touched areas of my face and head.  My guides told me she was mapping me.  Certain spots she touched had certain effects.  She caressed my cheekbones and I felt my eyes being massaged.  She touched the outside corners of my eyes and my ear chakras blew open.  She touched the underside of my chin and I saw the face of the Creator.  She pulled her hands out from my head and my entire body flowed with energy and light, transmitting the new codes.

His timelines were like none I'd seen before.  I traveled them as far as my guides would allow.  "Any further and there is no coming back," came the message.  I felt the pressure of their concern and the abyss beyond.  I traveled back. 


May:  Spirit led me to take her hand.  She granted the request and placed her hand in mine.  We began to spin counter clockwise.  We were going back in time to a point where she missed a spiritual opportunity.  Now she was being given a second chance and she chose to take it.  A magical path opened up before us.  She hesitated and the light dimmed.  I encouraged her, staying with her on the path while her trust grew.  The light slowly grew in intensity and I let go of her hand. 

We gathered to commune with spirit.  We each brought crystals and minerals, as we often do, and placed them on the table before us in the pattern spirit designed.  Upon completion two beings entered the room.  One was nearly third dimensional and close to the table.  His energy was Egyptian and ancient.  The other being was feminine and also Egyptian.  She stood some distance from us, physically and energetically in the other room.  They waited for an invitation to begin.  We granted it and the male energy fused with the stones on the table.  Coded information drifted up from the table in columns of light.  He instructed that each of us take a turn floating energetically above the stones with our head in a certain direction.  With each individual a sudden rush of energy was produced and they were instantly projected to face the female being in the other room.  A flash of light opened a space between the individual and the female being.  Once the individual crossed through, we lost contact for it was indeed a personal experience.  Shortly, the individual would return, open their eyes, and know that they were no longer just third dimensional.           

I closed my eyes for a moments rest.  I flash of brilliant light interrupted the calm darkness.  A vision of a fairy queen drifted into view.  She held a wand with a glowing crystal on the end.  She came closer and I saw little pearls of glowing light close to her form.  She smiled as she energetically worked on me for just a moment.  Then she backed away.  Fairies quickly filled the vacant space and followed the queen's departure.


June:   Had three dreams of Oprah this month.  In the first she said, "Twelve".  Then came the other two dreams, also with one word messages.  A busy lady even in the dreamtime. 

Summer for black snakes.  Have seen a dozen so far, an unusual number.  Spirit often sends me messages in this way.  I've also been gifted with two shed black snake skins, exemplifying transmutation. 
July:   Spirit gifted me with two shed black snake skins.  His power is one of transmutation.  The skins represent the male and female energy.  I stretched them out in front of me in opposing directions.  A doorway opened to the heavens.  I heard voices above me.  One would descend and guide me.  A wooded path opened before me in a vision.  A line of blue fire stretched along the left side of the path and beyond the horizon.  Moments later a line of gold fire came towards me and along the right side of the path.  Many disciplines were coming together to create a singular event .  I could feel the energy building.  I waited while preparations were being made.  Elementals appeared at the opening of the path.  Divas materialized along either side of the pathway.  There was no destination to the path.  It was a stream of energy like none I'd seen before.  The path was ready and I entered.  There was a rush then a gliding sensation.  "Come child", Archangel Raphael, the angel of healing, descended, calling me to come forth.  We clasped hands and the loving energy embraced me.  It felt that it would last forever and then he suddenly ascended.  I saw a mirror image of myself approaching.  We merged briefly then passed through one another.  My counterpart was now heading in the direction I came from while I continued on.
August:  Merlin popped into my thoughts like a knock on a door.  I scanned my energy field and noticed him behind me.  I abruptly asked him, "What is the answer?"  He replied with a touch of humor, "What is the question?"  I asked, "What are the secrets of the universe?"  With that he walked away and in a moment showed up in front of me, holding an ornate box.  I opened it and there were two specific kinds of crystals wrapped together in a special arrangement.  One crystal collected the information and the other crystal focused the information.  He had given me the tool, the key, and now the rest was up to me.
I constructed the key as Merlin had given it to me, placed it on my altar and waited.  It was a key to endless possibilities and I put forth my list of requests.  Soon I heard, "It is done."  And I gave thanks. 
September:  An odd feeling keeps creeping up on me.  I feel that there will be a long winter.  A winter that rides on through spring and summer.  The region isn't clear at the moment.  When I go through possible scenarios that could produce such an event, volcano comes in strong.  
I dreamed of a rushing lava flow ten stories high, flowing like an endless tidal wave, stretching beyond my vision in all directions.
New Orleans is not done.  Again it will flood and eventually completely disappear along with most of the state.  Such "disasters" will become more frequent worldwide until not even the insurance companies can keep up and will continue long after all news can get out.  All will one day be on their own without any earthly outside help.  "Disasters", however horrific they may appear, are part of the balance.    
Been getting a vision lately of a small, round, metallic device, slightly larger than a quarter and nearly half an inch thick.  The device will emit a specific vibration or frequency, enabling it to thwart cancer cells when placed on the affected area.  Works something like a magnet, attracting or altering the infected cells.  I see and understand its workings in such a way that I could build it but it eludes me much like a name I know I know but don't recall at the moment.  It is that simple.
October:  I was stirring from a dream where I led a small group through a portal.  So impressed were they by my abilities that they invited me to read a special invocation.  As I was reading it I felt myself waking up.  I heard what sounded like an engine starting up, increasing speed much like an airplane taking off.  The sound grew with intensity.  I could feel the enormous energy required to produce what was happening.  It felt like parts of my body were disappearing.  I moved my arm to check and be more comfortable but I didn't notice feeling my hand. The sound and energy slowed down with my movement.  I laid still and the sound and energy grew once again.  It was becoming very intense and almost to a steady pitch when I opened one eye to take a peak and everything dropped.  I felt a strong release of pressure as if something had been laying on me and all became quiet.  My dogs, asleep next to me, lay twitching for nearly a minute.
There was roaring sound and flashing lights again last night.  This time I kept my eyes shut and the event lasted longer.  My head kept lifting off of my pillow and my teeth kept feeling like they were going to shatter.  This experience felt cellular as if kundalini were involved.  The sound was different and my ears are still ringing this morning.  And shortly after the event I found I could induce a similar experience with intent, though only briefly.
November:  I suddenly found myself bathed in brilliant white light.  I felt warm and energized all through my being.  I realized I was in the Christ light. 


December:  She visits me often in my dreams.  She is a Merangel, a physical being who is a reincarnated mermaid.  On all her other visits she kept a distance, only watching, checking in on me.  This time she instructed me to stand at the portal of healing and guide all those who chose to enter.

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