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Diary 2015

January 2015  I had a few visitors here in two dream events the first week of the new year.  Appears I inadvertently did or acquired something that needed a prompt correction, and they took care of it.  First event was with some little people that rendered me unconscious within a dream (a first).  When I came to in the dream, they said they were successful in removing an interfering energy.  They looked seriously concerned and were exhausted from the procedure.  The second event was the next night.  I could feel someone pulling me off the bed by my ankles, and I felt a surge of energy shoot up through my body. 

February  A brilliant white light, almost cloud-like in form, approached my inner vision.  There was an audible frequency to it as it gently moved into me.

March: A quiet month, but full of informative dreams.

April - July  An unusual time and feeling of being on the run, to catch up.  No events or significant dreams to recall. 

August 25th  There was a body printer that printed out auras.  But I sketched out my own with streaks of white light streaming down on a white background and words in white at the bottom, reading, in short, "...allow for hope."  This is one of two dreams where I knew to paint my own aura.  And I also felt that imagining my aura a certain way created it.  

October 18th   A distant light suddenly appeared in the far upper left corner of my inner vision.  It approached slowly, growing in size and brightness.  When the light filled my vision a golden wing swept through.  
November 15th  Fissures shattered the now rolling landscape in the dream.  I saw a small city in the distance from within the safety of a cement block structure shaped as a cube.  The undulation stretched for miles.
December 8th  Long while since an event.  And I'm adapting to their intensity, as the sound wasn't piercing, and the vibration didn't feel "shattering."  Lots of fun, flashing light, and enormous pressure and movement through my body.  Especially to the back of my head, where I felt and saw a large basket ball size of light rested there as it spun.  Congratulatory voices followed the event.

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