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Diary 2012

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  Modes of travel appear to be the prevailing theme going into the New Year.  It will be interesting to see what unfolds this year. 
1/4  Last night in a dream I knew to extend my body in a certain position and direction.  The intent was to find someone at an unknown location and distance.  The purpose of the journey centered around a child, a boy.  The fulcrum for 'ignition' is rotation of the shoulder socket.  Movement commences at 180 degrees with great velocity through a ribbed, golden apricot colored tunnel. 
Upon arrival I did not appear to be noticed by the many in attendance, with the exception of a few children.  I found the 'someone', a man, by his energy signature.  He sensed my presence and intention, attempting to escape, to blend with the shadows.  But I caught him and repeatedly 'slammed' his energy from this particular vibratory space. 
My intention then was directed to returning to the child, to complete the cycle.  I positioned my body for travel, but the fulcrum was not as strong as before and I did not reach full rotation to open the tunnel.
I felt the hot breath of the ensuing crowd on my invisible form as they diligently searched for my presence.  I heard popping sounds and felt holes opening up in my form.  The popping increased in pace and pitch just like a popcorn maker does.  With each pop my form took a hit.  I could feel my teeth turning to dust from the pulverizing blows of the popping.  My form pleasantly and completely disintegrated to dust as I awoke with the echoes of the blasting still in my ears.
1/11  Two owls outside my bedroom window last night, cooing like doves in perfect harmony. 
1/12  I was on the beach in the dream when the ground rumbled and the sunlight rapidly diminished as the tidal wave swallowed the sky.
1/14  There was a 'pop' sound in my head followed by what sounded like a large stone rolling away.  Then at the edge of a large burst of inner golden white light, a female voice softly called my name.
1/15  My inner vision was flooded by white light.  Then pulses of white light, like sparklers, descended in linear fashion into my head at about 4 second intervals until I faded off to sleep.   
1/17  I had a long list of requests for spirit, like upgrades, balancing, repairs, and the like, all to bring everything up to speed.  Within moments I saw a transparent obelisk on top of my head.  Bands of gold either encircled the obelisk or rested within, while spheres of golden light descended at short intervals through the shaft and into my crown. 

1/23  I've been noticing a feeling of no-time.  For over a week it seems I can't keep up with what day it is.  Recent weeks feel like a blur. 
1/26  In meditation two dimensions became apparent.  Like crossing the eyes, the dimensions appeared similar and overlapped.  And like with the eyes, concentrating on one scene over the other emphasized the details.  But with the dimensions, the focus was a mental one, a shift.
The subject of memories suddenly came to mind.  And when I probed to see what was going on I had the feeling that whole timelines of memories had simply vanished.  But as I didn't know what was gone I couldn't know what was missing.  I only knew that people I knew and every experience with them had been cleared away or I moved away from them. 

In the dream I noticed the reflection in the mirror as me, but the image was not of my likeness at all.  I found the acclamation to my appearance disorienting which tells me I still have attachments to form or specifically identity.  When all attachments are cleansed, form becomes fluid, non static, and morphable.
Days, dates, and weeks are blurred by the ongoing feeling of timelessness. 
2/17  At dawn I stepped outside to be filled with an abundant chorus of bird song.  I wondered if spring had rushed in early to claim the day as the crescendo pressed into my cells unabated.
2/18  In the vision I was gently gathering up large marble sized balls of golden light that were scattered on the dark landscape like fireflies illuminating a forest floor.  Once I had a nice handful of clustered light, I cast them into the dark, starless sky above me.  An illuminated white outlined design immediately appeared of a central square with multiple triangular formations and ornate details surrounding its form. 
March:  Many dreams with little recall.  The usual flashes of white or blue light continue. 
3/8  In the night of the full moon I began to surface from a deep sleep.  I was feeling strong and penetrating points of pressure dotted down my backside.  It felt like the pressure was lifting me from the bed.  I mentally wondered what was going on and the answer suddenly came into view.  Two thin beams of white light pressed against the center of each calf, my bare feet ascending rapidly above the shrinking landscape below.  Then I felt a thrust and then a flying sensation.  The next image to appear was of a tunnel.  It had a metallic grey look to it where white light didn't cut through it.  And there was a mechanical sound to its movement.  I was aware of the presence of a few other 'individuals' close behind me.  But as I looked through the wide tunnel I could feel the scene fading.  And the voice repeatedly sounding, "NO!", followed me into the awake state. 
3/12  A noise in the night pulled me out of a light sleep.  I could feel the tingling ripples of energy moving up through my form dissipate as I stretched my awareness into the sounds of the night.

3/16  Just ahead of me did a crow snatch a snake from the path and fly off with it.

3/18  In the early morning I found myself in an epic 'dream'.  When I realized what was taking place I tried to keep up with the details.  But when I did come fully out of the 'dream', I could only remember that it felt complicated and eventful with many layers of preparation involved.  And again, there was another me that didn't look like me. 

3/24  Aura painting reflects recent diary entries, additional chakras coming online, and interaction with Akashic records.  Unlike previous aura paintings, I felt especially 'absent' from this one.  An indication of detachment from identity.

3/28  A vision of a white speckled blue scene pushed into view.  One large and perfectly round white ball in a trailing white outline cut through the scene.  And it felt like something beneficial is coming just around the corner.

3/29  Again makes three where me is me but not me in reflection seen.

3/30  I recall walking from one dream to the next.  I appeared to be the only constant as the scene and characters changed with each dream. 

April:  The dream was filled with one unfamiliar landscape after another that were comparable to a sci-fi movie.  I took several pictures of a home in a tree with my phone in hopes they would turn out.  Another scene appeared to be all about playing games, but I did not recognize any of the board games being played.  In the final scene I recognized deceased family members.  But communication apparently depended upon an alignment in frequency as the agitating sound of a nearby powered fan displayed.
4/6  In the dream last night I recognized that my skin color was distinctly different as were the proportions of my form.  But I did not take the realization further until I awoke where the possibility of transposing was no longer viable. 
4/11  A voice in the night rolled a scene into play where one member's choice prompted a rushed gathering in response.  A turtle too with eager import to attend the appointed time, clawed with uncommon haste to get under the closed gate.  With high pitched shrills did the turtle object as one attendee tossed him aside and entered the gate.  The illuminated manuscripts framed in the turtles scets glowed in his surprisingly agile retreat.  Forthright to the record keeper inside the gate did I ask her for a number and 1500 she delivered. 
4/15  Twice in the dream did he wake me up, insisting that I give him a time to set the alarm clock.  The second time he awoke me he gave me the two options of 4am or 5am.  I would have preferred 6am but took 5am, questioning where we were going that I had to get up that early to prepare.  Five is the number for freedom.
4/17  A restless, nearly sleepless night with roaming thoughts of the meaning in recent events produced a string of visions in the early hours while a familiar voiceover accompanied them.  One I partially recall appeared to deal with human templates.  The last came into view on a black background as if suspended in space.  Hundreds of gold rectangles were perfectly positioned in sharp perspective on a horizontal plane.  A huge, transparent pyramid enclosed them, held them at a specific level not too far from its base.

4/18  At 1am did my ears begin to fill with the increasing pitch that often precedes an event.  I asked to see what was taking place when I felt my form become weightless and begin to peel from the bed feet first.  I could feel and see it happening as my feet arched  perfectly over my head and towards the closed window beside me.  And then there it was, an insect that looked like the underside of a black spider on the outside windowpane.  I hesitated with a thought of dread that again I was faced with my reflection.  But I remained with the image, contemplating the significance.  And as I floated up and down in front of my side of the window, the spider matched my movements from the outside.  Face to face, eye to eye. 
Weight started returning to my form as the high pitch in my ears and the vibrations subsided.  I wanted to proceed with the event that was presented to me.  I took deep breaths to relax, trusting the outcome was in my best interest. 
Again it began with the escalating pitch and accompanying bodily vibration.  I could see and feel that a cylindrical force rapidly spun left around my form as it became weightless.  The peeling repeated from feet to head until I hung upside down by a mere thread attached to my feet.
I felt and heard a grinding force in the top of my head, like two large stones pulverizing something in their sandwiched movement.
Then did the cylindrical force shift into the other direction, carrying me off and through the windowpane like a balloon embraced by a sudden breeze.
Slowly becoming upright, did I gently feel nudges to my feet as the directed descent began with thread taunt.  I soon felt my feet touching ground and wondered where I had been relocated as a sense of joyful freedom filled my being. 
4/21  I was in a dream scene where a portion of a pyramidal city was being locked down and buried for an indefinite period of time.  All remaining structures above ground with any hazardous or unnatural materials were being dismantled by every citizen to cleanse the earth.  The only color present was in the perfectly aligned, upright and large, golden yellow rectangles that were there to assist in the cleansing.  The rectangles dotted both sides of the street towards a vanishing point beyond view.   
Food was extremely scarce.  What looked like a fried rat was being cut lengthwise to share.  One person stood out from all the others.  He looked content, healthy, bright and colorful.  He was a stark contrast to the scene and seemingly unnoticed by the others.  He approached me to share his secret.  His right hand unfolded to reveal a round indigo fish, breathing on its own.  He placed it on the right side of my face, rubbing the fish into my skin until the whole right side of my head heated up.  A high pitch steadily grew in my right ear.  A loud crack sound in my head pulled me out of the scene. 
4/22  A wide screen vision of a coppery liquid gold came into view.  Cool to the touch and alive it repeatedly pulsed words to the surface, like magical alphabet soup.
4/24  An event began at 1am with the familiar sounds and vibrations.  I asked to see what was taking place and the image came of the inside of my brain.  I could feel and see energy moving between the two sides of my brain, like liquid lightning.  And then the face of a woman came into view among others present around me.  She said I was going in for tests.  And I understood her to mean that tests were being run on me at present.  I mentally thought to have someone touch my lower lip to feel a different realness of their presence.  Two light caresses touched the very spot I had in mind. 
4/27  We were in a glass enclosure, but of all that were present I appeared to be the only one able to see through it.  And those on the outside were unable to see in.  The leaders of the event inside the enclosure were in dissension.  One wore large rose colored glasses.   
May:  The first week of the month has been quiet with deep sleeps.  But I often awake with no idea what day it is.  The struggle to reach the appropriate day takes great effort. 
5/7  An event with brief recall of being escorted.
5/9  Out and about today, three times was I asked for directions.   
5/12  And so it is that I awake abruptly at 5am for weeks now, having made the agreement in last months dream.  This morning it was 5:05.  The choice for change and freedom then from a controlling situation extends to verbalization.  This I will formulate while requesting a good nights sleep.
5/13  The granted sleep pushed into 8am when my thoughts awakened to the agreement still at hand.  With a leisurely day the situation was addressed.
5/14  I felt a small hand lay on top of mine and saw his face in concentrated intent amongst a swelling crowd of faces.  Then I heard and felt the event coming as they often do.  My teeth especially vibrated from the intensity of it.  But there was something different with this event that I could feel and hear.  Then one foot would tremble, lift and relax.  The other foot would do the same.  Back and forth did they take a turn for some time, while my teeth took an intense bath in the energies.  Then my head left the pillow as my body followed suit.  With eyes now open and arms extended  I hovered parallel to the floor, slowly approaching the window.  Outside I saw two men in the yard.  The one with the same face as before sat up in the tree.  His right hand extended out as if still guiding mine while his legs continually shivered.  The other man looked up in wait for me in his position under the tree.  Once I fully cleared the window the sounds and vibrations ceased.   The scene below expanded into an unfamiliar courtyard as the man in wait waved me on.  I soon was motioned down by a woman dressed in a light blue uniform with an insignia above her left breast.  With feet now on the ground I looked around to see many others floating in and being guided to these greeters.  The woman then said that at the next step I would be offered an exchange pertaining to a mission if I chose to accept.  As she motioned to the next in command the scene abruptly vanished and I suddenly found myself back in my bed. 
In a dream following the event I was sought out through some means of electronic identification and given a new phone.  (This may indicate any number of things, like a new way of receiving important messages, an upgrade in communication, or a direct line of communication.  Time will tell.)   

5/26  I asked what was with her actions and the vision came of a salt lick sitting in a dark landscape.  And I wondered how this vision related to my question when the second vision came of a large tree oozing sap from a large hole in its center.  I understood then that all her strength, her life force went into ensuring that other people felt they were dependent on her.  Therein lies the personification of the old earth energies.  
5/29  In the dream a comet raced across the sky.  Then five saucers came lined up in movement from the opposite direction and each large like a soft full moon.  I could feel them circling the earth when a large explosion occurred in the northern hemisphere.  The clouds boiled there for days before all the sky became electrified in my region.   

June:  Whether by grace or intent, on the first day of the month I awoke in the month of July and planned my week accordingly.  But the "escape" was short lived as the day fizzled to a close and the night embraced me with little reassurance.  
Here it is midway into the month and all has been rather quiet with deep sleeps, fragmented dreams here and there, and a few "events" like distant thunder.  But I am also in the crux of an apex, a pivot point of change and my aura has shut down in protection and preparation.  Most of my mental questions are answered with, "July".  So, I'm in a significant month, following synchronicities like following bread crumbs back to safety.  And all the while, confirmations light my path through the transition to a higher purpose.
The blows from the old earth energies in the month of June still hit harder than I could ever imagine, but I surfed the destructive waves and bring insights back from the dark to survive what surely still lies ahead in my new mission revealed.
July:  On the first of the month, a vision rushed into view of an intricate design on a black background.  The design felt alive and glistened with gold.  The edges of the black background  were frayed like old paper.  And as the whole image rushed towards me, multi colored letters burst from its gold lines.
7/10  I awoke no longer feeling burdened by the events of June and ready to leave the unsalvageable behind to embrace the new. 

Lots of low flying hawks at eye level lately, crossing my path.

7/19  Tonight the face of my higher self came into close view.  His gaze moved into mine.
7/20  A black snake fell from a high branch onto my feet, interrupting my movement as it headed west and signaling a rapid change ahead, a quickening of some kind.    

7/26  Been feeling out of place since the vision of my higher self, like my physical body hasn't caught up to where I really am.
7/28  Coyotes playing and howling in the underbrush near me.  And more hawks crossing my path at eye level. 

  On the 4th I was in a string of overlapping dreams where a disagreement progressively escalated into an all out conflict between two factions, necessitating a migration from the area.  Meanwhile, I was having interactions with President Obama and his wife.  In the first scene I was talking with both of them.  In the second scene I was helping the President subdue a fire burning around his wife.  In the third scene the President called me and put his wife on the line.  There was excitement and gratitude in her voice.  When she proceeded to tell me something significant I interrupted her to say that "they" were shutting down the power grid.  From the high advantage point that I was at I could see down on a large steel tower.  Pulses of blue colored light shot up from its base to the top until the surrounding area fell into darkness.    
In the morning I had to reset breaker switches.

I saw her approach my back and heard her disconcerting whisper. 
The month seems long into the 20th day with no "events" of note or recall.  But the nights are full with dreams that feel like layered journeys.  And still I'm feeling like I am in a different place than in my body.

8/28  Again black snake crosses my path, racing west.  And I know I'm being shown a direction in my path.  Moments later when I returned to the same spot, an owl feather confirmed it.

There are many full, complete feeling dreams of late as if all of me is participating at a designated level. 

8/31  Legend says they live in the rocks, moving towards the surface at auspicious times to absorb the density from physical forms on the surface.  I could feel them moving beneath me in ripple like waves of energy.  And I could see them in golden pointillism fashion as their molecules passed with ease through those of the rock.  The impulse is to keep moving, to avoid contact with the unknown, the legendary golden race.  But I found myself reclined on solid rock and met their touch with some reserve as my form turned to heavy liquid and entered the rock where now, caution notes, I move similarly as they do. 

September, 2012:
  A HD vision with saturated colors flashed into view of two mountain peaks side by side, looking exactly alike.  Venus was above the mountain on the right and near the dip between the two.  Then a huge hand moved in from below and "stamped" the left mountain near the dip with a thundering sound.  So, may be a future "position" as I've had two snake messages suggesting just that.

9/8  And so it is.  She saw me flying into her home some 45 minutes before our scheduled siting for an aura painting and at about the same time that I asked "my team" to give her a good show.  She said I was about 14 feet tall, shaped somewhat like an upside down pyramid, and moving towards the shadows of two pyramids where I aligned with the stars resting between them.

9/26  Someone ran a stop sign and smashed in the side of my car, fulfilling a previous vision.  And I'd been wondering the month before the accident if another car would pass through mine, as the thought kept entering my mind.  The answer is no when you are screaming, "OMG the car is going to hit me!"  

9/30  Deep sleeps with little recall filled the month.  The dream scenes have unusual landscapes and several times I'm aware of beiing in a differnt form.

October:  The deep sleeps continue.  
10/23  I had a dream where freak events were occurring one after another.  It began with freak fire starts.  And then a freak snow came.  I took shelter inside and felt the ground roll violently.  Through a window I saw in the distance a watery dome shaped growth pushing up like a boil and stretching high in the sky.  Then it collapsed to the ground sending a shock wave across the land, imploding structures.  (The storm Sandy hit the east coast in the week ahead, producing similar events.) 
10/30   Deep sleeps still and with little recall continued through the month, allowing me to concentrate on spiritual projects with deadlines to meet.  And spirit is pushing me to finish them, leaving me with little time for even simple pleasures.
November:  Events often appear the first of a new month and especially the beginning of a new year.  And on the first day of this month the event began with a female voice asking me to draw a specified shape on paper.  Then I saw her fingers press down on the symbol and sink through the paper, like kneading dough.  With her action, I felt compression in my from.      
11/10  Aura sketch reflects recent events.  The clairvoyant artist said she was having numerous "signs" all week from Spirit and asked me to raise my arm to confirm the messages.  And there was the energy and wing of Ma'at she saw earlier.

11/14  I was on the edge of sleep early am, finishing a conversation with someone and replied, "If that is what you will have me do."  Immediately a vision of a golden full moon came into view, then suddenly reversed its course giving way to daylight, all in a few seconds time.  (The spiritual pressure since June to finish a writing project instantly subsides upon completion.)
I was also dreaming of a friend that night.  In most of my "dreams" lately, I'm aware of being in other forms in other realities.   And I recognized her in another form, told her, and asked her to give me something personal of hers to take back to her other persona.  She gave me a photo of herself that kept changing images of her in other realities.

11/15  While working on a writing project a curious thought came to mind, and an even more curious expression came as follows:  I breach consciousness in unison with the solar aspect.  In simpatico relation to known and unknown forces therein, my sheltering shrouds give way to daily ritual, unfolding to prosper in a cosmic dance I arise.

December, 2012:  The new month began with a disorientation that is becoming familiar.  I awoke in a timeless state.  It's a very odd feeling to find a comparison to.  But there was no concept of placement, and no day to attach to.  Mentally struggling to find ground in a timeline takes a type of effort that is non-existent in palpable timelessness.  So, I have to search memories recorded through emotions of this physical reality and body to ground me in this dimension.

12/7  As soon as I closed my eyes to rest, a large orb passed through my head, releasing the tension built up there. 

12/13  Something interesting caught my attention in a dream, so I paused it to have a closer look.  There was no jitter to the pause as in other paused dreams.  But the clarity of the document I was seeing had issues.  Only one portion of the text was in sharp focus.  It was the phrase and title of my forthcoming book.  And I was able to hold the "frame" of the dream for a considerable length of time.

12/21  In the vision I was looking out over a meadow saturated with vibrant golden colors.  Then I saw the heavens swirl open to reveal the distant Central Sun, as if some magical combination tumbled into place to open a door.  It looked like the big dipper played a leading role.  Bodies of light, like stars, swirled through the open corridor.  And I watched my own light travel there. 

As December comes to a close, a vision comes into view of two identical pyramidal peaks, similar to a vision back in September.  But where Venus once was, a small circle with a diagonal line through it now dominates the horizon, as if to say "no" or "no more."  But the two peaks feel like they are full with circular energy.  And I heard a masculine voice, like none I've heard before.  Every word felt full, perfect, and penetrating.  The annunciation was crisp, and each syllable reverberated like a full orchestral piece.
My attention was immediately divided between deciphering the vision and understanding the message that thundered repeatedly.  I felt the words sinking into my bones but could not recall the entire message afterwards.
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