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Diary 2010
January:  The familiar buzzing sound pulled me out of a dream.  The sound wavered in pitch and I thought it might fizzle out.  I placed my intention on it and felt a sudden surge of energy shoot up my spine.  I saw a bolt of light exit my crown. 
A light fell from my view like a shooting star.  Then a light scanned across my face.  The third light penetrated my third eye.
Not sure how long it was there before I became aware of it.  The white cube floated to the upper left of my vision.  A stylized letter glowed red in color.  Just as I thought I recognized the letter as a "W", the lighted cube was replaced by darting specks of light in brilliant colors.
February:  The bright white light varies with each approach.  The familiar bursts more often have a form to them now.   
March:  A blank white page drifted into view then dissipated.
A luminous form appeared to my right and without hesitation moved into my physical form.
April:  A small, winged form of light fluttered into me.
A form outlined in stars moved into my form.

May:  Two crow (power) feather finds in one day is magic indeed. 
June:  Month for odd dreams.
Black snakes crossing my path frequently. 
July:  Corner of my eye caught sight of a large object moving fast.  It dissolved in mid-flight the moment I concentrated on it.
And still they tease my vision at the corner of my eye....     

Again at midnight on the full moon did the sound flood my ears and the energy rush through my body repeatedly.
August:  I was half asleep when the singing pulled me into the "dream" and into a room filled with sacred objects and song.  The language of the words was unfamiliar.  But I felt them penetrate me, subduing me to the floor of the room.  I felt my body beginning to vibrate when she stopped singing to say, "This one is for healthy organs".  And she proceeded with another song that shot through my body like an electric shock.

September:  A ball of light zigzagged across my vision in slow motion before disappearing from view.  It approached again in the distance, slowly bouncing towards me.  As it bounced into my third eye the scene changed.  Within a circle of light a young man in blue scrubs was focused on organizing materials on a small metal table.  I could not make out what the materials were from my perspective, nor come to fully understand why the vision came to me.

The large aura around the mailbox is a blessing from the angel of the house.   

October:  Pulses of light, like a heartbeat, reverberated through me.
A full 'form' entered me and I felt a ripple of energy flow from my toes to my head and out my crown like a sigh of relief. 

I found myself among a gathering of gods and goddesses.  It felt like an important ceremony was to take place.  And there were also humans lined up, looking a bit nervous about their fate for deeds done. Once everyone was present, Zeus was summoned.  A lightning bolt proceeded him and he appeared to be larger than me.  He gently placed his large hand in mine and asked me something about power.  Maybe what I would do with power or his power.  I 'woke up' after I replied. 

I became a drop of rain water, falling to the ground.  I felt my absorption into the soil, felt the roots of the maple tree pull me in and instantaneously distribute me throughout its form.  This is the nature of communication without form. 

Brilliant blue balls of light have been popping up almost daily now for weeks. 

White light repeatedly swirls around my form like fast moving luminous clouds. 

In the 'dream', my left (spiritual, feminine) barefoot (full awareness) had a small explosive device lodged in the big toe (perception, vision).  I removed the explosive (potential disruption). 

Coyote (solitude) in the west (inner child, fruition) front yard. 

November:  Owl, reflection of high spiritual attributes, frequents my eastern (beginnings) yard at night and tauntingly stares at me through the window. 

In the vision, my right (masculine) hand (relationships) stretched upward into view, the thumb (ascension) being prominent. 

I heard them scream in unison, "Two and a half minutes!"  At the edge of sleep, I quickly turned to look at the clock.  It was exactly two and a half minutes until midnight.  But what was it about... 

Golden white ribbons of intense light rolled towards me.    

December:  In the 'dream', she stood up behind me and with her hand patted from right to left across my shoulder blades while saying, "reconnection".  I felt weak in the knees and head, falling to the ground.  I awoke with buzzing in my ears.  

Recently, as I go about my day, the landscape before me will shudder or fold.  



















































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