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Diary 2006

January:  In the midnight hour it began as it has many times before with the roaring sound, bursts of white light, and the vibration.  They have become more intense.  Parts of my body disappear, my teeth feel like they will shatter at any moment.  But I hold on for the ride and this time finally reach my destination.  After all the sound, vibration, and bursts of light, I found myself in a large dark room like a warehouse with a forty foot or greater ceiling.  No one was physically present and yet there were hundreds whispering to me all at once.  I felt and knew that I had arrived at a state of being that I would call a "matrix revelation" where you suddenly realize the ultimate truth of being.  I was lying on my back and saw what looked like a giant movie screen rippling in and out of the darkness above me.  It eventually stretched out and came into focus.  The image on the large screen looked just like the menu for a DVD movie.  The play button was highlighted, music started playing and a voice said, "Congratulations, you've finally arrived."  I was about to "intent" the play button when my dog sensed the energy at play, moved in his space next to me and cut the "stream".

In numerology the address of the home I live in adds up to the number one.  I was led to purchase a different home until the deal fell through from my side.  It was then that I realized that it also added up to the number one.  Now I've been offered another chance and this one too just happens to add up to the number one.  

Light rolled across my vision like lightning traveling through the clouds.  I felt pressure being applied to the bottoms of my feet.  It felt like big, warm hands.  I felt energy surging through my body and knew I was in the hands of angels. 


February:  Again, the flashing lights, roaring sound and vibration come.  I split my attention and found half myself standing at the window, the front lawn and trees were being diced by rapidly moving beams of light.  I looked to the sky and felt my attention pull back.  

She took her life and I asked to understand it.  I felt my mind shift gears, felt it move into an absolute resolve of suicide, felt the trap close.   I was "locked in" for just a moment, just long enough to understand the finality of it.  There was nothing else, only this one singular purpose.  It was one of the most certain thoughts I'd ever experienced.  My mind felt as if it was no longer my own.  I was in pain unlike any physical pain I'd endured.  My mind was in pain.  There was a very thin line, only a moment between thought and action.   I knew that I was two levels below the third dimension when the moment lifted.  My question had been answered all too well.

We are being prepared, all our bodies.  All that may need repaired or attended to during and after the "tribulation" or "changes" is being addressed at present.  Most crucial services and items will be sparse or unavailable during and after the crest of the changes.  Ask your angels to help prepare all your "bodies" (mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional) and meet all your needs.


March:  An odd month overall.  A month of struggle, obstacles, and darkness.  Feels like I'm going through a big shift and all my senses are overloaded.


April:  I found myself in a time stream.  I noticed that just with intention I could move forward or backward to any given time or date.  But I was unprepared, confused, and wasn't sure what date and time I entered the stream.  I backed off, relaxed, and found myself back in the present.

She popped into my head.  Visions of our times together flashed before me like a life review.  I felt her worth and kindness.  I felt she had passed over.  The next morning a phone call confirmed it.

I kept waking up.  Each time I would look at the clock.  The first time it was nearly six am.  The second time it was nearly five am.  The third time it was nearly four am.  The fourth time it was nearly six am again and I decided to get up.


May:  A very quiet month.  The flashes of light have changed lately.  Now they pulse.


June:  I'd just closed my eyes when she approached me in a dream-like vision.  She wasn't dressed in earthly attire.  Even her hair was unusual, I thought.  Then, with her right hand, she touched the top of my head and I went limp.  She withdrew and my body twitched from energy surges.  I started to regain some control and started to approach her.  But the vision faded.


July:  Again, I'd just closed my eyes when something caught my attention.  It was suspended there at some distance.  But before I could make out what it was it flew straight into my right eye.  All I could notice was that it had black and white markings and felt that it was an insect, possibly a wasp.  My right side, masculine side, was spiritually being tended to.

It was a dream but just one of many the last few months that would wake me up with concern.  I was near the ocean and at considerable height from the beach.  The water below began to get rough.  Soon the level began to rise.  In less than a minute the ocean level raised about thirty feet and swept away everything on the cliff where I was standing.

I closed my eyes and immediately saw a tall, arched hallway with beautiful columns.  There was no end to its length.  When I focused my attention on it my ears would fill with a buzzing sound.  I made several attempts to enter before the vision faded.


August:  The summer races by.  The tremors are back.  I barely feel them and others don't notice them at all.


September:  I allow my mind to stay more active lately.  Closing my eyes and quieting my mind brings up vision after vision and most are not that pleasant.


October:  The flashes of light continue to change.  This month they tend to steadily get brighter and move across my vision.  One evening the light stopped in the center of my vision before exploding into a large screen.  It broke my concentration and disappeared before images could play across it.

The timelines went down on the 17th when the violet ray came through.  This would collapse time and magnify manifestations considerably.


November:  They often come while I'm on the edge of sleep.  I saw her approaching, felt my throat tightening.  She held the energy at my throat for nearly a minute before she backed away.  I woke up and my throat began to relax.


December:  Gifts don't always need to be a surprise.  A few surprises get past me, wrapped and unwrapped. 

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