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Diary 2011
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At first light of the new year Owl sits in the east.  Crow sits in the west.  Owl sees the unseen.  Crow is power.  It will be a very interesting year. 
In the dream, I was on a beach when I heard what sounded like a sonic boom and wondered where the explosion was. 

I see the One life And think it me  But I seek reflection Where there is expression
Hawk carries away a live bird in his talons.  I ask why one inflicts on same and the images flowed into view of quality and degree of responsibility flowing into expression.  Some have rods, some have wings, and some have scars where steel and plastic used to be. 

Lots of blue flashes and burning hips over the last few months explain the jumps through time to correct imbalances in sub-personalities.  When polarities are balanced they are dissolved, directions fade and time collapses.  See now the moment for what it is by what it is not.  

A burst of blue light comes into view with letters and markings flowing forth by the multitudes.  They were unstructured but meaningful, a new alchemy coming forth.

Last night I was hearing a song/chant and realized that I was awake. With that realization the song vanished and all I could immediately recall was the word rose.

I asked for an image to represent this page and thus he appeared.  Ophiuchus, 13th sign of the zodiac or 10th no despair for revelations come in pairs.  Into view though never really obscured.  It comes at an auspicious time in ascension and personally as well for it is my sign and significant indeed.  This year will be magical with recognition untold as 2012 is heralded in. 

...dissolved are they but the One  Now you see what men become
I had several dreams in the night and visions this morning on the theme of pairs.  No despair from the verse above also means no dispair.  Pairs within pairs.  In the last vision this morning, I saw two egg shaped balls of gray yarn in a brilliant white background.  They were end to end and slightly separated, but inseparable.  It felt like they represented both the masculine and the feminine and more.  Pairs within pairs.  Then I saw two large hands poised above the eggs.   

The night filled my sleep with dreams and verse.  This morning I had a vision of flowing diamond blood.  The feeling was an opportunity of freedom from abandonment and separation. 

Dreamed of riding a bicycle (balance) up a very wide, grassy path.  The houses (mind) became less defined, less structured, and essentially gutted to a few walls the higher I climbed the path.  At the top, I found freedom from relationships that incur illusion and was given three gifts to shield the achieved higher mind.    

February:  Vertical vision comes into view unlike any I recall having before.  Clusters of multi-colored circles swirled into view, merged, then burst.  (The opening of the Golden 10th chakra of enlightenment, mastery, and the akashic records.)
Last month was a roller coaster ride of in pouring messages, visions, and dreams with little sleep that blended into energized awake states.  I often had to question whether I was awake or dreaming.  This month it is calmer and less energized as if recuperating. 
In the "dream" she appeared to be about three feet tall, overweight, and had a deep, blue sky complexion.  She asked me if I was ready to go home (comfort).  And I replied, considering all implications of her question, that I was ready for all but one, if by dogmatic definition it meant finality. She silently led me to a cottage in the woods.  It was a magical home where all was provided and no needs apparent.  It was flowing comfort and joy abundant.
Vision of geese flying north indicates an early spring.

   3/9/11  Last night, peculiar questions popped in with a theme around 'what of the Infinite is illusory' when a brief glimpse of about 7 identical women appeared in an arch formation or a half circle before I fell asleep.  I then dreamed I walked into a dream (awareness of dreaming).  The staircase descending into the dream was grand and made of marble (descent into the dream of illusions).  I found my way to a waiting room where perhaps legal advice is given, certainly a healing place of some kind.  I was there to regain rights or permission to sing my song (song of self, authenticity).  I had a document showing two previous requests to the rights were made back in 2004 or 2005.  I did meet with a woman who was selling German shepherd puppies (relationships) nestled under her desk.  I noticed that her large, multi paned window (perception) was outdated like her office and reminiscent of the 1950's or 60's.  But, I don't recall any resolution other than I had to leave this particular dream to get a valid signature and regain rights to the song. Leaving up and out of the dream was a bit of a struggle as the landscape became increasingly distorted, dark, and filled with countless frogs (metamorphose).  I recall that someone was going to take me to the airport but I could see my car (physicality) in the distance and didn't think either was necessary for home was not that far away.  I saw fingers trying to come through the molted layers of darkness.  And there was a flat shadowed female framed in a white flat square, shouting something.  But I felt undeterred as I only had a little further to climb out of the dream and sing my song.  (The discovery that everything has a song.  The secret to manifesting.)
3/10/11  In the dream I saw hundreds of people sitting on bleachers in an outdoor, woodland setting with no apparent stage down the hillside below them.  At some point they realized there was no event.  The impression was that they were entertaining themselves all this time and a break or pause in the movement seemed to wake them up or shift their focus, for they suddenly realized that they had been there for 20 days.
The entry from February of the vertical vision came up in bold letters three times and followed my thoughts into the dreamtime where the tour dream began.
3/12/11  Apparently, I was on something of a tour as I recall being seated, moving, and looking through a glass window at the onset of the dream.  There were many unusual stops unlike the view through the glass.  (Something needs to be looked at with awareness.)
Bus Tour Stop 1 --  I saw a man pacing outside a house.  It felt like he was a lure, bait, a magnet, or 'watcher' for a specific trait or weakness to snag.  I saw another man approach him and together they went inside.  My attention moved inside the house, but the two men were unaware of my presence.  The 'lure' opened a wall to reveal a hidden space behind it and ushered the other man inside, closing the wall behind him.  The 'lure' went back outside to pace again.  My attention then moved to the other side of the wall where I found the light dim and the scene snowy, like an old television picture with low, grainy resolution and flat colors.  I could feel that there were many males inside the space, each unaware of the other, each caught and trapped unaware of their predicament or surroundings with no apparent means or will to escape.  (Cosmic view of masculine principle that needs mending.)    
Bus Tour Stop 2 --  I saw female figures surrounding a casket inside of an open lift or elevator type device positioned well above ground on what felt like a raised platform or scaffold.  They were unaware of my presence.  Their demure was not altogether somber in feel or dress, more celebratory in stature, manner, and color.  It felt like the casket was empty or, at best, contained shallow effort.  I did not think to move into it for a closer look.  But as they began to lower themselves to the ground surface, muddy flood water instantly filled the scene from no apparent source, swallowed the landscape, and pushed the females and the coffin back to whence they began as if in automatic rejection.  The females confusion raised in kind with the sudden rush of water.  There was no apparent prepared space in the earth for the coffin.  (Cosmic view of feminine principle that needs mending.)
Bus Tour Stop 3 --   I walked into a courtyard where a community of like-minded individuals were gathered, but they seemed to be unaware of my presence and they were largely motionless.  I saw that they had a large tree that produced bread rolls.  I thought it wonderful.  I picked a roll to eat, breaking through its golden crust.  But like all the sweet rolls on the tree, it was overripe, spotted like bananas, and full of ants, much like an overripe fig.  The community appeared to be overly complacent in general and uninterested in the tree or its 'fruit'.  (Healing the cosmic masculine and feminine principles through self awareness in the present moment.)
I was bathing in light when a shadow moved from left to right.  A golden orb fell like a shooting star into my form.  Earlier in the month, I felt and saw a shadowed form step out of me. 
3/14/2011  In the dream, I saw an unusual owl with a nest on the ground.  The nest was not more than two days old but had several young owls already.  The owlets kept forming, spilling out of the nest as did their food source.  Though not flightless, the adult owl stayed near me on the ground and at one point drank from a white soupy substance that appeared on the ground.  (The secret to live food, necessary in proper nourishment and sustaining youthfulness and health.)    
In another dream of 3/14, I solved an important equation but don't recall the specifics other than the number 20 may have been involved.  It is one of three recent dream snippets that involved equations.  One had curious but beautiful marks or writing.  Another was tones of pink that were going into a painting.  (The equation to resolve imbalanced nourishment.  Bring the food up to your level, your presence and light with intent before consumption.  Awareness, attitude, and embrace all equate in the balance.)
3/17/2011AM  I recall being offered a single, yellow, long stemmed rosebud.  I did not accept the rose as something didn't look or feel right about it, that and the shadowy figure making the offer.  It all just seemed like pretty wrapping without life enhancing qualities, an empty package.  A man later blew me out for not accepting the rose and proceeded with threats of consequences for refusing it.  I felt that a contract or program was involved, or certainly conditions of some kind.  I realized that he knew I'd refused the rose because there were watchers everywhere, like computer cookies or spy ware, a network in a larger program.  The 'watchers' in this particular scenario appeared to be part of a road crew or survey crew.
At first, I did not think the dream much worth notation upon awakening.  But it held onto the day and seemed to expand.  Then I recalled two visions in the last week where in both, a shadow peeled away from me from left to right.  And I wonder now if a third or final shadow is trying to hold on with threats of abandonment.  It sounds like the Elder, but aren't all the sub-personalities charged with abandonment.  The directions and polarities as well.  Isn't the first question, thought, or misperception that arose through the Infinite a form of abandonment where subsequently all attachments and addictions breed and thrive.
Taking these questions into the silence at night produced a string of visions.  Brilliant white light cracked forth (Naugual egg cracking), form dematerialized at touch, guillotine blade falling (severing attachments), shadows lined up (shadowselves dissolve), another form dematerialized with a touch, a ring materialized on my hand (alignment with Infinite), and so on.... 
Woke up with a dense fog outside and a marsh bird with red eyes at the front door at 4500 ft.  Very uncommon.  Perhaps too weak to fly any further and lost in the fog, the marsh bird is very elusive and secretive.  Likely significant.
3/18/2011  In the dream, I turned over an empty clay pot sitting on the ground and two little horse heads popped out from a nest.  My friend (deceased) appeared and pulled out a square piece of paper from the nest.  The paper might have been folded into a square and felt like it had instructions and/or a music score on it.  The horses were small enough to stand in your hand, had short curly hair that was silvery blue or gray.  They also had tan crescent moon shaped hair near where the legs met the body.  I told my friend to leave the identical twin horses as they were not ready or in need of rescue.
3/18/2011  In a brief vision, I saw what looked and felt like a small clusters of fairies carrying a barely visible coffin in a procession against a light violet grey background.
3/20/2011   In the dream, I was in the midst of a preparation for some event.  A roofless, perhaps seat-less, older car was being filled with what looked like memorabilia.  Someone said they would provide me with food at the event, which I saw no need for.  A friend said she would pick me up at 8AM, which I also didn't see a need for.  Plus, I thought, I recall a vision related to her days before where a hearse was parked against one way traffic and cutting off the entrance to her driveway.  And she's unreliable and manipulative back where I know her.  I felt I still needed another perspective or view here to understand what was transpiring with this upcoming 'event'.  Then I felt a pull and visions flashed one after another, followed by loud music which blasted me out of the scene...
I looked at the bedside clock; it was 12:35AM.  I went back into the dream and visions with intent to replay them a few times for recall.  I found that I could see and feel my attention in three or four different places and began to explore.  The furthest and heaviest appeared to be the dream where I work for pay.  Not even my 'form' in the bed seemed to be that far back.  I recalled a dream before the 'event dream' where another friend started looking flushed and disoriented.  I pointed it out to his wife but she only stood watching with expectancy and helpless resolve as his face got redder, his head melting from within to a gnarled stub.  But the dream of the event in preparation still was a riddle.
So I jumped to topics, themes, and questions that drifted in earlier before I entered the 'event dream'.  Things that kept coming up lately like 'home', 'white square', 'horizontal', 'nests', 'abandonment', 'original misperception', and so on.  Then I recalled that a voice may have pulled me into the visions earlier and I moved to look at the ones I still recalled.
I was coming up on the vision in sky cam mode again.  The colors of the landscape were vibrant like before, over saturated, and 'clear'.   I saw meticulously manicured topiaries of shapes stacked with precision.  The rootless topiaries scattered upon being discovered.  I felt forms within them.  Yet a flexible trunk kept the shapes aligned and swayed in their retreat.  Was that a cylinder at the base?  A cone at the top?  Disks interspersed among other shapes?  But was there a square?  What kept them nourished?  What or who kept them shaped?  Did I just see three or were there more?  (Concealment.)
Then the next vision came into view like the preceding one, only larger, and with equal vibrancy.  Bleached white tendrils that looked like part of a rib cage stretched across the peculiar landscape.  A barely noticeable blood red looking orb nestled in the landscape near by.  (Hidden knowledge.)
Then I went to the music again.  That old Hollywood sci-fi alien craft approaching sound, followed by a 'tone' or instrument I can't seem to identify.  Then I heard what sounded like xylophone notes jumping all over.  (Outside interference.)               
I went back and forth, combing for details.  And all the while, I kept thinking or feeling that I needed to get up and put everything in my computer.  But I remained in the multi-view, thinking I only needed a few minutes to firm the details into recall.  Then I was suddenly 'awake' again.  The bedside clock measured over an hour since I re-entered.  Perhaps the prompting's were to imagine being at my computer where now all would be fully documented.
3/20/2011  I dreamed that my left knee had a small puncture with visible and audible forced air coming out.  It had been like that for 2 days, I thought, without much concern and knew it wasn't anything that a doctor could fix.  But decided it was time to do something about it.  I felt myself pull further out from the dream and imagined it healed.  And so it was.
3/23/2011AM   I dreamed that I was at the airport but there were no visible lines of other people or airline carriers.  There was just me and one check in.  I had no baggage or ticket when I approached what appeared to be an automated check in.  Don't know how I knew, but a small wooden oak stool was the 'ticket' or means of getting onto the plane.  There was no purchase made in form of money.  The stool looked fresh, possibly oak, and slightly taller than a milking stool or about half the height of a bar stool with a round or 'circular', 'fixed' seat.  I moved the stool through some kind of automated receiver and picked up a flyer from a stack of like flyers, thinking the process was complete.  But then, for some reason, I suddenly became concerned about a boarding pass and someone appeared behind the counter to look into it for me.  I think she asked me where the flight was originating from.  In any case, the city Orlando came up and I believe she said she could find no record of the pass being there.  But I did not feel that I was in this city or even transferred from another.  It felt like I was in a nameless, undefined place.  And all that I can recall of the brief glance of the flyer was large, flat black, unstructured, or 'shattered' shapes on brilliant white, standard paper. 
3/26/2011  I dreamed that I was instructed to place 7 or 8 items in a line from left to right.  All the items appeared to be small, packaged, common household items.  The first item I randomly chose was a filled, medical prescription container and placed it to the far left.  The response was, "Oh, you place relationships at least value?"  I felt myself leave the dream state to the awake state to gain insight, and then return to what appeared to be a game of manipulation in familiar horizontal theme without resolve, for I did not find value, attachment, or order of importance in any of the packaged products in view.  And weaving in and out of the dream or controlled game was the apparent solution. 
All the packages were unmarked and white against a white background, white on white.  Placing the white cylinder or any shape anywhere on the horizontal could likely represent anything the 'controller' pressed into any mind.  Getting past step one did not appear to be available.  Only through weaving in and out of the dream did I seem to be able to thwart what appeared to be deliberate and limiting programs trying to enslave.
3/28/2011  I dreamed that I was with a small congregation of people standing in what looked like a parking lot at a shopping strip.  We were singing an unusual song when the music stopped playing.  We each had a brown bound text with odd markings.  But without the music playing the singing became garbled, incoherent, and fell apart.  The apparent leader of the gathering was partly the cause and stealing the congregations harvest valued at fifty thousand dollars.  The harvest looked like bales of wheat wrapped in violet saran wrap and loaded one story high on three trailers.  Without the music and harvest the congregation dispersed.  Only a few seemed to be interested or aware of what was transpiring as the harvest was being driven off to the leader's home with help from family members or outsiders.  But I could hear numerous and faceless voices escalating with concern, drifting into the dream with the stress on the number fifty thousand.  So I answered the voices by taking action and found two names side by side on what looked like a bronzed, raised letter plaque.  One looked like Morgan on the right with writing underneath.  The other was blurred on the left but thought I could make out a letter L.  I thought to call for help and could feel three people on line trying to get help where there was none.  So I decided to set out on my own and left the dream with a thought or question in mind to find a solution.
I moved back to form, took a quick mental note of the dream and moved out again.  I found myself in an unusual tavern like room filled with people in unusual attire.  I couldn't seem to date the scene but felt I was in history.  I looked down at my simple earth tone clothing, thinking it was a good clue and thought to stay a while for more clues.  But the scene became more vivid and dimensional, alive, and pushed me back to form. 
I took a mental picture of the 'trip' and moved out again, entering a dark room.  I felt myself at the edge of the scene and unnoticed as I did in the ones before.  I was looking into what felt like a vaulted room and felt a man lying in bed with some despair.  A luminous, translucent, undefined form was hovering at the end of the bed and it felt that I, at the edge of the scene, and the form were one and the same.     
Bright and vivid in color, luminous and free flowing, seemingly weightless, did the 'form' appear to calibrate into an image for the ideal uplifting of the man concealed in despair.  I could 'read' the man and watch the image adjust with the 'read'.  Features became prominent, morphing slightly, giving way to the ideal.  A female face emerged in translucent neon blue shades.  Long, luminous golden light morphed like hair around her face.  Neon blue hues stretched down close to the floor and gently swayed with the other vibrant colors of the image in the still room.  It felt like we moved in unison and intention to give ourselves to the man concealed in despair.  For no other image than the one we appeared to orchestrate would he embrace and be free.  But the scene increasingly became alive as the image approached the man, and once again pushed me back to form.
I laid in bed, could feel the wholeness of what felt like the one cell, weightlessness, emptiness in fullness of being.  I tried to stay with the feeling while making a quick mental note of the 'trip'.  Then I moved out again and back, weaving in and out of form without much further recall.       
3/?/2011  I recall a dream from earlier in the week where I was walking in a wide open landscape with brilliant gold sunrise/sunset colors that felt perpetual.  I was entering a small house of a harmonious family.  There was a nice breeze through the house from the open doors.  As I was entering the house, up a few white stairs, I saw an unusual and large circular opening in the ground big enough to walk in to.  The edge of the hole was like an inverted mushroom cap, in cone shape cut close to the base with a large black hole in the center.  A similar and smaller shape was down to the left side of the larger one with their dark centers merging. 
When I imagine going into the hole, it feels like there is absolutely nothing to relate to and difficult to get back out.  Only a pinpoint of light remained above me from where I entered.  And it felt like the only way to salvage something of myself was to imagine slipping through it to the surface. 
April:   In the dream, I was interacting with a female and a male in a healing modality.  The female was walking me through it.  The male was receiving.  And I was doing the healing with intention alone.   
4/4/2011  I was watching a conflict between two opposing forces when I realized I was having a dream.  The dream immediately changed to a close up vision of what looked like a nuclear missile leaving the ground.
4/19/11   I dreamed that delicate, white, square, flat weave crystals fell out of my right pants pocket.  As I picked them up, I heard a mechanical sound circling in the clouds forming above.  Then the sound changed to a fluid sound and the whole landscape of the dream washed away or dissolved.  I then felt, heard, and saw some kind of jagged pulse penetrate the base of my skull.  (The tablets of Lemuria and the sinking.  The secrets and magic are coming back as represented by the base of the skull where yet another chakra resides.)
4/24/11   As I pondered on timelessness, I stopped breathing and entered palpable timelessness.  
In the vision, two black snakes lay side by side in opposing horizontal movement, but no distance came between them.  The landscape of each snake overlapped beneath them in transparent, continuous movement as if each snake was swimming upstream.  Everything appeared to be in constant, equal flow.  (The balance sustained by the major light workers.  And individually living in balance and flow with fields of realities. The serpents have to be side by side.)
May:   One night a while ago, a vision popped in of a dark skinned child.  It shut down my third eye just like an aperture.  Moments later it blasted open again.  Reset, issue, or manipulation unsure.  But feels like attempted interference. 
Nonchalant, yes.  That I can be.  Ideal to go with the flow to allow the unknowable to come in.  Any pause forms attachment and perpetuates physicality through identification.  Where everything is fresh and new without repetition, so then is evolvement.  If I hold on to one 'gift', the next one will not be presented.  Limitation then cycles where it cannot exist with one that is all things.  Yesterday shapeshifting.  Tomorrow shapelessness.  Today neither and both.  It makes no sense because there is no sense in the ponderings of the unknowable.  To know is to define.  To define is demise.
June:  A young black bear ran right out in front of the car in daylight. 
An eagle soared above road kill on the interstate and thought that interesting and highly symbolic.  Later found two turkey feathers on a hike.  One had iridescent gold in it.
Found several snake skins in the last week. 
July:  Saw a black snake curled up in a bluebird house yesterday.  Last time I saw that in succession, each time someone passed on within a week.  Will see if that symbol has changed.  Feels like it has.  The answer as to why is the most curious.  A great change has taken place. 
Had a vision last night of a shadowed head with curly hair like whipped cream.  Felt a young face was there and fun surprises ahead.
The bursts of white light have been more like swirls lately.  And occasionally a blue flash will enter the landscape, indicating movement between realms. 
Been feeling 'out of place' for a month or so, like watching life from another perspective.  Often find myself in two locations at once.  When the distance is close, I'm more aware of it.  When far, it is difficult to perceive and has me feeling a bit disoriented. 

A cluster of grouse.  A rare sight.

August:  I distinctly heard the words, “Game Over.”  The message was firm.  Changes are here.  The old ways ended.  That was the telepathic message as the tall, slender man handed me a shallow box.  It was rectangular, light weight, and had no apparent means to open it.

In the dream, he showed me a threshold.  Two items preceded crossing.  Through the threshold awaits a path of no obstacles.

Two dreams followed in the nights ahead.  The first dream dealt with the need to nurture.  The second dream dealt with the fear of failure.  Both share the theme of the need for acceptance.  A change in perception is required to cross the threshold.              

I had a vision of a black (wholeness) snake reaching out for my right hand, the hand of giving and relationships, the hand bearing etheric commitment to the Infinite.  Transmutation, wisdom, abundance, and power will come here in a quickening. 

8/22  I had a vision of a cluster of elongated shapes coming out from an approaching cloud on the left.  In the sky to the right of it was a large, reddish orange orb. 

8/23  The Virginia earthquake.

8/28  Two feathers gifted.  I was on a hike in the mountains.  My head involuntarily moved as if gently guided, like times before.  My eyes followed suit, took a moment to refocus, to register what I was seeing.  And that is how the feathers seemed to magically appear on the ground, there but not there, then solid.      

8/29  I was in an intensely expanded state on my drive home from the mountains.  All my ‘clair's’ were online as a scene played out in my senses for three hours.  I later placed the large feathers at the head of my bed as I found them.  The feather of sacred law, path of power, and healing went on the right.  The feather of the messenger, clear perspective, and double power went on the left.  Both will remain indefinitely while their purpose unfolds.       

8/30  I had 'Company' last night.  Signature time is near the midnight hour.  The familiar body sensations preceded contact.  I vaguely recall a conversation.  I vaguely recall making an uncomfortable decision.  I do know that it all weighed on me greatly in the waking hours and followed my day. 

8/31  A cascade of dreams and visions filled my night.  I kept waking up just enough to retain the merging of a multitude of factors coming together into a single result.  It felt huge, epic, and masterful.  The feeling of harmony, balance, and community was present in the result.
From the 'Company' conversation the other night, I felt prompted to vocally state my role in giving and receiving.     

  On the first day of the month abundance filled me and stayed with me.  I was overflowing.  There was no longer a distinction between giving and receiving, only expression remained.  Such is the True nature of abundance.     

9/2   ‘Insights’ from recent events this week:   I have all the time in the world and beyond because there is no time.  I stand at the end of the line of those who measure time.  There are many masterful plans in place.  There are many players in their respective roles.  To know when to observe and when to act is the mastery of giving.  The art of giving acknowledges space for another to receive.  In their receiving do you receive in abundance, in accordance to the law.  Many approach with measured time engrained from non-truths.  An open life through example does the hand of the True extend.  Being approachable accentuates the Real.

9/5  Two vultures linger outside to affirm the end of the old through de-structuring. 

9/6  The number two persists.  Two doves held their ground as I approached and had to move around them.  Peace is firmly rooted.

The state of Texas popped into mind.  Then a vision of its shape came.  First it was brown.  Then it slowly changed to a violet gray ruffle, filling the state completely.  Then a flash of light and a clap of thunder replaced the vision with one of rain as I found myself looking out a car window at the drenched landscape. 
9/7  When is two not two?  The answer is a cosmic one of changes that have taken place where one and one blend as one. 
In two separate 'dreams', one after the other, did someone scratch a small spot on my back. 

9/8  Owl outside my western window through the night.

In the dream I handed a list of items to my insurer.  All the items were checked off but two.  I asked the insurer to see where the problem was with these last two items.  The insurer said they would look at them, but that I would be late for my dentist appointment.  The time was eight am.  I awoke with a toothache.  

9/10  Observations:  I've noticed in the last few days that if I don't recall a dream it is given to me when I ask for it.  Also, when I 'intend' giving it boomerangs.  When I 'hold' space for receiving it receives.

9/12  Two homeless young squirrels in need of rescue to survive.  Squirrel diligently prepares.  Who then is not prepared for the storms ahead?  

Another dream about teeth suggests that aggression is required in certain areas.

9/17  In the evening hours I felt a 'gathering' coming together much like the feeling of being in a crowded elevator.  It felt like a 'project' and/or a discussion was to commence.  Soon, the sate of Texas came to mind and immediately there was movement.  I felt like a pressure valve being opened.  I could feel a force of energy flowing through my whole body as if I were a large pipeline.  I was neither depleted nor replenished, just the 'valve' to allow flow. 
Later in the night as I drifted towards sleep, I felt something of a 'shift', a release near my solar plexus and couldn't honestly determine whether I was still breathing or not.  At least not with my lungs. 

9/18  Last night was filled with lots of activity.  That was the feel of it.  Not really dreams or sleep, just 'activity', movement.  There's also the feeling of being 'worked' on.
Being in human form necessitates relationship.  Walking across the floor is a 'relationship'.  There is no distinction between a floor or a human in the full definition of relationship.  Perception then is key.  All relationships, including spirit are illusions.  But relationships do have qualities that are beneficial.  It's a matter of perspective.  
Every day is new.  Give to self throughout each day.  That is the secret to wholeness. 
Transcendence is alignment with spirit.  It requires an 'appetite', a suspension of beliefs, openness, and trust.  The illusory 'self' must diminish along with all its attachments.
Personal issues are only there to foster growth.  They are not obstacles or mechanisms of pain unless entertained as so.  All issues stem from a sense of abandonment from the 'Creator' and from a fear of death.  Neither are true origins.  One enters form.  There is no death.  Issues are of the mind.  Acceptance frees. 

9/20  They were golden, stick-like figures racing up the staircase in the 'dream'.  Not more than a foot tall, the last of them peered around the corner.  Half shy, half adapting me to their appearance.  I welcomed them and invited them back, anytime.
How is the star of David a progression or a line of communication?  I understood it in the 'dream'.  There was a relay from point to point, as it was described by the tall, thin man.  And now the final relay was for me to tell the female seer who would take action and complete the star. 
In the midnight hour did his right hand move towards my head with consent.  The tips of his thumb and middle finger stretched around the top of my head and rested on either side near my temples.  I felt enormous pressure encroaching on pain as he squeezed.  My head revved with energy and near deafening volume.  My crown chakra joined my ear chakras to where I could no longer detect the top of my head or his hand.  There was a cracking and popping noise inside my left temple as the event and the tall slender man slowly faded. 

9/23  Everyone has their own reality and own path uniquely designed for their own growth.  One isn't necessarily better than another.  Each has their own process but all have the same destination and in their own time.  Take care with personal observations and feelings.  All is never as it seems.  And all serves a higher purpose.

October:  Aura painting on the first of the month reflects recent events from diary.


10/2  I was visiting with friends, discussing recent events.  I asked one if she would like some gold (gold stick figures).  She placed her hand in mine and I saw the 'golds' cover her body.  They rolled up her form and concentrated at her spine until it became solid gold.  Her energy increased dramatically as she moved about the room.  Her eyes said something was noticeably different about her.  And she later commented that she felt really smart.   

10/8  Last night I had another 'event'.  My whole body revved up in the midnight hour.  My weightless body began to levitate when I heard the odd musical notes like hundreds of harp strings being plucked.  The notes source appeared to match the path of the 'golds'.  And I thought I heard the number 300 as part of a message.  I woke up in the morning (Saturday) thinking it was Tuesday.  That's a big stretch of time.  Went downstairs to prepare breakfast and thought I was preparing dinner.  The next morning I woke up thinking again that it was Tuesday. 
10/11  Last night (early Tuesday) I had another 'event'.  It was long like recent others.  In the past I would wake up during them or right after them.  With the recent ones I move into unusual 'dreams' with odd landscapes and people.  In the 'dream' last night, people were sitting across from me with curious fascination in their expression and wondering who I was.  This morning when I woke up I thought it was Friday.  Which may mean that there will be another 'event' Friday.  I feel less solid, almost invisible.

10/15  I don't recall an 'event' last night (Friday).  But I do recall conversations and woke up three or four times thinking how interesting they were, how unusual.  Each time I woke up I was in a completely different position which never happens.  When I would awake and find myself on my back, for instance, it felt like I'd been placed there. 

The whole week has been dream-like.  It very much feels like being in a dream.   

10/16  Last night I dreamed of a round citrine egg about the size of a tennis ball.  I picked it up and warmed it in my hands until it felt safe to hatch out.  In my mind's eye I could see a face similar to the face behind my central image in the aura painting.  That gold thing was down the front of its face.

10/21  An elongated shaped white light with a rectangle in the middle entered my third eye.  It looked much like a short belt with a large belt buckle in the center.  Shortly after that my vision moved to a dresser with several items on it, including picture frames.  My vision moved to one in particular of a woman's portrait in the frame.  The image moved into my third eye.  She looked vaguely familiar as her image floated there inside.   
10/28  Dreamed of Oprah.  She asked me several questions pertaining to what needs I might have.  I felt her questions were supported by what she was only able to give.  But with each question, I answered that my needs were sustained.  
10/30  Seventh Seal.  I was in a 'dreamscape', boarding a craft to a destination I was familiar with.  And yet upon arrival, the landscape had changed some.  All four seasons were present as I walked through what appeared to be a temple open to the outdoors.  There were hidden relics and astrological alignments associated with the setting.  At some point I saw what looked like an old scroll with odd markings on it.  It felt like I was seeing it through a stone wall where it was placed vertically in a small chamber.  I tried to stay focused on the scroll when I realized I was 'aware' of it.  Holding the image took some effort, like paddling up stream.  But I soon 'understood' seventh seal and also felt that I was the seventh seal. 
10/31 Black cat on Halloween.  What are the odds?  It was a message.  The cat felt like it had a 'presence' to it and the act of running in front of me felt deliberate.  It was very interesting to look into those glancing eyes as the cat crossed the path of my moving car.  There was a double irony to the whole event.  Both a slight cancelation and an emphasized affirmation felt present.  It was like seeing a page turn, a huge 'page'.  There was a swift 'change' in there and felt bigger than just me. 
Many dreams this month.  Many nights are like dream marathons of little scenes moving from one to the next with such speed that recall is difficult.  I would wake up often in the night to find myself in a different sleeping position which is not a normal pattern, but a common occurrence lately.
November:  It is into the middle of the month and it is has been a comfortably quiet stretch.  Quiet can be good and rejuvenating.  There is much to discover and learn even in the quiet moments.  And I have discovered that everything in nature has a readable 'spin' to it that further details its experience.  'Things' certainly are different since October.  And the aura painting keeps talking to me.  I pick it up at least twice a day when it reaches out to me.  I see more 'people' in the background than just the one painted behind my image.  At times there are dozens of 'people'.  And somewhere back there I heard the number 300.
11/17  Still many dreams and more than I can seem to remember.  They often dissolve from recall in the dream itself right after I replay them for insight.  Then the next dream is presented to me, replayed, then vanishes.  And so on.  Last night was the same.  But I do remember an elderly gentleman who painted my aura three times.  The images of the first two paintings vanished from memory in the dream after I scrutinized them.  In the third aura painting my figure was there but not there, like an invisible man.  The painter pointed out an odd swirl of energy in the painting.  He called it by name and I thought he said it belonged to him.  Then he motioned to my abdomen and brushed away unhealthy energy present in my physical body. 

December:  Been a quiet month.  Flashes of blue indicating movement now and then.  Huge balls of white light dropped into my crown chakra with a responding physical jolt.  Lots of dreams, nightly.  But recall few of them.  Feels likes some kind of cleanup process going on, for the most part.
12/19  In a dream, I threw out a white bed sheet flat on the ground so someone could cross the world to catch up with someone else.  Very cool to watch.  The effect was compressed time and distance.
12/20  I played with the 'magic sheet' last night.  Had instant responses.  Works well for connecting with the deceased.  Suspect it'd do the same for other worlds and realms.  The rectangular form for compression of time, space/distance makes sense.  Colors do play important roles with forms.  An outlined neon sky blue triangle will bring you back into your body.  But, curiously, the peak needs to point behind you when you stand in it.  Without the proper color, configuration, and placement, one can slip through and away. 
It kind of makes sense when I look back to the intense experiences I had in earlier diary years with the bombardment of flashing lights, the earthquake-like sensations, the odd sounds, and the feeling of floating through the window.  True ascension is some kind of molecular transportation that takes place. 

12/25  In the vision a young deer was running from right to left through a lush forest.  A passenger jet was keeping pace with the deer in the same direction and at surprisingly low altitude.  Letters and symbols in rainbow colors rushed into the scene from the opposite direction, like fall leaves caught in a brisk wind.




















































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