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Here you will find excerpts from rough chapters in my upcoming book.  I'll add excerpts from chapters as I work on them.  Many people have asked me in the last few years when I was going to write a book.  That's spirits way of getting a message to us.  With the help of spirit are the following highlights.


The Beginning

I don't know who I am.  Every morning I am reborn.  Reborn with new beliefs about what is true, what is real.  Once I say I am this or I am that I will stop growing.  My being is constantly evolving and needs no interruption from my limited beliefs.  Were it any other way I would not be here at all.

Energy Shifts

It came to a point where a day wouldn’t go by that I didn’t experience an energy shift. Some days I’d have multiple shifts in energy. By shifts I mean obvious, even substantial movement in my fields of energy. Some shifts are similar to the response the body makes when startled. Other shifts have you wondering where you really are.

The first realization I had of them was during a group meditation. The instructor led us through a meditation of climbing a staircase. When I reached the top of the staircase in meditation I saw a burst of white light. When the meditation was over and I was instructed to open my eyes, everyone in the room looked different. I couldn’t look at them without feeling overwhelmed by information.

I closed my eyes while the instructor raced to get me a glass of water.



We were getting situated before we began the meeting.  Just by coming together did the energies start building.  I immediately had a vision of a river flowing beneath us.  I waited until everyone was settled before I placed too much attention on it.

"We have a river floating beneath us," I began, watching as everyone's interest focused.  "We are intended to ride the flow of it.  It is wider and longer than the eye can see and yet it is a river.  Trust compels us to submit to its strong current.  Our destination is in the hands of spirit for there are no visible borders to our rescue.  Remain focused to your immediate surroundings.  Understand that where your thoughts drift so too does your energy.  When you are ready to proceed, close your eyes and we will begin the Journey."

Road Trip

Once when we were siting in a restaurant he casually asked,  "The fellow siting next to us.  Where is his pain?"

My heart was suddenly in pain.  It felt tight.  "Whew!  Not while I'm eating."

He just laughed.  "Yes, and...?"

He's definitely headed for heart trouble.  But it starts in his throat.  He's swallowing his words.  If he doesn't speak up soon his heart will surely break.  This is so tied into Louise Hay's blue book (Heal Your Body) of affirmations.  Have you noticed how beneficial it is?"

"Oh, yes.  Fear does need to be considered though.  For instance, a fear of going to the dentist may result in dental problems.  The fear needs to be addressed first.  However, if you get regular checkups and a problem pops up then you are looking at an issue outlined in the book."

That is an interesting way to look at it, I thought.  "Yes, you can attract to you what you fear."

Cane's Way

Some called him a sorcerer. His given name came from the pages of the Bible. He dabbled in the dark arts. A dark figure stood in his energy field, granting his requests. He was looking for a quick path to power and grabbed anything that came along to achieve that goal. His name was Cane and I would feel his sting many times.

Cane’s third eye was sealed, blinded on all levels, including the physical, for his crimes against humanity in previous lifetimes. He could not inappropriately use what he did not have. So he improvised. He learned other ways to gain power. He stole it.

The Visitors

I’d gone to the kitchen to fetch my friend and I something to drink. I was pouring out the drinks into glasses when I noticed a frantic shadow bouncing about on the floor. It was an overcast day outside and no other shadows were significantly present in the unlit room. Darting shadows were a common experience for me. But this one remained present. I took a direct look at the shadow and realized it was a being. There was three dimensionality to the dark, small form. It danced around my kitchen floor with enthusiasm and delight. I acknowledged his presence with a smile and reluctantly returned to my guest waiting in the other room.

There, facing my friend, was Jesus. “What is Jesus doing here”, I asked, surprised.

My friends face went blank. I felt the uneasiness building inside him. “Did you call him in? What were you just thinking?” I kept coming with the questions. But there were no replies, only increasing anxiety.

The Regression

After the opening regression I suddenly found myself in a curious place. I had a human form but it was one that I was able to adorn when needed. I was a non third dimensional being with the ability to travel along streams of energy. At my present position, I was standing between two scenes. The scene on my left was an approaching mass of refugees, fleeing a burning city behind them. On my right was an advancing troop of soldiers, heading towards a vibrant city. Neither scene was aware of the other or aware of me. Both scenes were historically separate by hundreds of years. I was here to observe and record the energy. I’m here by the projection of my own thought. I am a leader and keeper of secrets.

A high, transparent white wall appeared to my right and stretched towards infinity. It felt alive as it vibrated with energy. I knew it was my transport and conveyed this to Dolores through hypnosis.

“Move as you feel led and let me know when you have reached your next destination.”

I moved towards the wall, felt an acceleration, then dark space enveloped me. “I’m inside of something and it’s dark.”

“Allow there to be light and tell me what you see.”

The dark space took on a glow, though there was no visible light source. “I’m inside of what I can only call a rock but not just any kind of rock. I don’t recognize the material and I’m unsure of the size of it. It is solid but I’m able to exist energetically inside of it. It’s mostly space with floating molecules, from my perspective. It is like a cave but there is no entrance. There are images of other beings surrounding the perceived interior walls. They are all leaders, keepers of secrets, from different planets, galaxies, and vary greatly in appearance. I am the conduit between their galaxies, the link. Information comes to me through a swirl of bright light. I download, absorb this information, then direct it to the others. We know to one another. I didn’t want to come here. I didn’t want to leave the stars. I’m lonely here. “

Camping Trip                                                                                                                                                            

I’d remembered a time, a few months ago, when I did stop for lunch on a similar trip. It was a busy cafeteria style restaurant. I was moving down the food line with my tray when one of the servers grabbed my attention. She was very distressed, energetically. I felt the angels pushing me to say something, anything to help her. I hesitated and the angels pushed harder. I felt led to say something about her hair. I didn’t know or ask why that would matter. I simply said, “Your hair is so beautiful.”

“Thank you. Oh, thank you.” She burst with a reply. She was near tears, ready to jump the counter to hug me.

I felt the angel pressure subside and knew that she would be fine now. It was a serious matter or the angels would not have been so pushy. A bomb had been defused. I was happy for her.


The Hike    

We stopped at the bottom of the mountain at a convenience store to pick up a few items for our hike in the surrounding hills. The trip was longer than anticipated as I felt drawn to change our direction half way to our destination and head here instead. While my friend was inside picking up a few items to go with our lunch I suddenly understood why I was led here.

There, in the thick, green foliage did he abruptly appear. I was holding my camera in my lap, staring off into the green thicket when something took over my vision. My eyes physically darted about in my head uncontrollably. It felt like they were being physically moved by an unseen force and I was resisting. The motion did not stop until I gave into the force behind it.

My eyes stopped., wide opened and fixated on a certain, curious spot not twenty feet from the building. There the foliage moved, opened like a flower in time lapse photography.  A form was pushing out of the foliage, pushing out from one dimension into this. It blossomed into a full robust figure from the thighs up. His edges became clearly defined and his facial features began to take form when I realized I was seeing the Green Man.


Shaman's Death                                                                                                                                              

I dreamed I awoke three different times within a single dream. The first time I awoke I was lying naked on my back in a darkened room, surrounded by a dozen or more animals (or so they appeared). There was an assortment of animals from several continents. They were slicing my skin off with great skill. I calmly told them, “I realize we made this agreement but I’d like to wait a little longer”. They simply stopped and moved back with the motion a human would. The smaller framed animals appeared to elongate as they moved in an upright position. I reached up behind me and petted the breast of a lion then fell back asleep.

Again I awoke in the dream and in the same position only to find that the animals had removed the lower part of my body while I was asleep. Again I requested, “I realize that we made this agreement but can it wait”. They backed away. I stroked someone’s furry ear then went back to sleep.

Once more I awoke in the dream to find only my head in a pile of large feathers outside under the sun. A golden retriever was to my right side looking down at me, as if he had been there all the while, waiting for me to recover. I said, “Well here I am”. I reached up with my phantom hand to pet the dog. He looked off in the distance and started barking. I fell back asleep.

When morning arrived my eyes opened to more familiar surroundings. The odd dream was fresh in my memory and I ran it through my head several times to be sure I remembered everything until I had a chance to write it all down. The colors, the animals, the feel of their fur and their odd movements and facial expressions were still vivid. They looked and felt like animals but they were human underneath. I could feel the human intelligence there. My higher self understood that we had made this agreement before hand. Still, I was reluctant to proceed at this time. No matter, the time was now.

The suns rays were slicing through the window blinds and warming my face as I still lay in bed rewinding the dream. As far back as I can remember the sun would cheerfully greet me each morning. It would speak to me with urgency to hurry outside and be with it. I could feel its pull. The sun was my playmate and a fiery angel in the sky watching over me.  This morning was no different and I got up to write down my dream and walk in the sun.

I had the distinct impression that my dream was similar to having surgery and I kept drifting in and out of anesthesia.  I was seeing more than was intended.  And there was more to the dream beyond where I remember it ending.  I knew I'd experienced a Shaman's death. 

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