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Diary 2013

January 2013:  The new year always begins with a theme to emphasize the months ahead.  As soon as midnight passed, the spiritual push came to stand up and ground the joy expressed in a new year.  The push was still there at dawn, and again I answered the call.  Whatever the year holds ahead, joy will be needed.

1/4  My eyes were closed, but I was looking at a scene when it suddenly collapsed by spiraling out of sight.  The action was so immediate, I didn't recall the entire image. 

1/6   This event was different in that I felt more of a horizontal expansion.  I even saw boundaries breaking away from me.  At the end of the event I found myself in a dark landscape.  I recognized two individuals that appeared to be lost, and it felt like I was there to find them.  I called one of them by name (Marie) and got them both to come to me.  I put an arm around each of them and headed out.  But their demon-like creatures were trying to stop us.  I told the two women to call in the Christ light and we disappeared into a golden light.
1/12  In the vision I saw the eastern US with the states outlined in white.  The states west of the states bordering the Atlantic began moving east, crushing the coastal states at the oceans edge.  Large land masses along the coast instantly folded, disappeared, or dropped out of view.  North Carolina appeared to have the greatest 
land mass changes.  Every newspaper and TV station carried the story.  There were rumors among the survivors of a pole shift, but the waning crescent moon both held its position and marked the time.  (The last blue vision of the comet would place this latest vision playing out in September 2014.)
1/18  Something is still developing in the east.  I saw many aircraft heading that way at low altitude. 
!/19  In a dream I saw my image in a mirror.  My right eyebrow was missing.
1/21  I was looking at caterpillars in the dream but didn't recognize them as such.  I wanted to call them worms but knew they were not.  I was a bit bewildered and could only look on, unable to see the connection.  Then I heard a woman's voice.  She stepped into the dream to provide clarity.  And the caterpillars were replaced by butterflies.  One I saw with inner vision, and I could feel it resting on my left earlobe.  It was all silver in color and sang into my ear.  A blue butterfly rested not too far in front of me and an illuminated gold butterfly was just beyond it. 
I did not recognize my own transitional phase (the caterpillar) for what it was.  But I felt a long awaited rejuvenation from the silver butterfly's song.     

February 2013:  This month begins on a quiet note and may set the theme for the month. 

2/6  "The Sirians are coming."  That was the messaage last night in vision and voice. 

March 2013:
  After a long silence there was an event on sunday night (3rd).  This one felt more like a healing, and I could feel it approaching like a welling up in pressure before the sound of it consumed my from.  I didn't think to ask anything, but struggled against the weight of my eyelids to get a glimpse of my surroundings.  Just as I began to feel weightless in the event, my vision opened up.  And I saw a pulsing light outside my window.  I felt a vortex of energy swirling within me, and my inner vision looked down into it as I began to slowly roll from my right side to my left and back again.  My vision followed the roll across the ceiling to the wall opposite the window and then reversed with the roll.  A moment after returning to the starting position the roll repeated.  The event ended with a flood of transparent images and distant voices fading in an echo of remembrance.  Pulling memories out of the past now have no feeling of permanence and lack sharp reolution.  They flicker like a mirage. 

3/11  I've been wondering since mid February when the annual announcement of spring would arrive.  Now, coming into the middle of March, the anticipation grows daily and still no sign. 

3/18  Here's to my visions and dreams of comets.  The current one (Pan-STARRS) can be seen in the west within an hour after the setting sun.  The next (ISON) and potentially the "comet of the cetury" is in November.  This may be the one from an earlier vision in my diary.  It was discovered after my vision.  My blue and white visions are a new communication and apparently appear to me this way to suggest a length of time until the event arrives. 

3/20  I felt a slight pressure to my forehead last night.  I thought to ask what it was from and immediately saw a white light embedded in my forehead.  And then a voice said, "The unicorn." 

April 2013:   4/15 There was an unusual man in one of my dreams last night.  His eyes looked like eclipses, large black orbs against firey golden suns.  I just took a brief glimpse while yakking to him about nothing.  But he was no ordinary individual and walked with me for some distance. 

It has been quiet this month, but things are different with me.  I've been restless, frustrated, anxious, and busy.  Suspect a huge change is coming and I'm partially resisting. 

May 2013:  My aura the day before a family member passed.  He came to me within an hour of passing and I felt the purity of who he was.  And when his essence entered me a blazing sun flooded my vision. 

June 2013:  I've seen black snakes in my gardens.  They are common messengers of transition and change.  And dreams flood my sleeptime to keep me informed. 

July 2013:  A bolt of light shot through me, pushing the breath out of me. 

August 2013:
  An event at long last.  So tired last night though that I put all my concentration on holding the energy and didn't think to ask questions.  But I did think to open my eyes several times and saw what looked like a flight panel with multicolored lights.
September 2013:  Feels like things out there are winding up towards  a big change.  Desperate behaviors in people.  And some have nowhere left to hide, not even behind their words.  Transparency.  I hear the inflection of one word and the story behind it unfolds.  Look to the eastern coastline this time next year for a major change.  
October 2013:   Event last night, and nearly forgot about it this morning.  It was longer than most.  Felt like 5 minutes.  Recall flashing lights and images during it and an audible message at the end, but no details this morning.  Also, a feminine energy gave me her name.

November 2013:  
 11/19 Had an event last night, but all I saw were hundreds of crimson red orbs of light swirling into a funnel.
11/25/2013   Been seeing things out of the corners of my eyes a lot lately. 
December 2013:   12/3  I've been waking up lately with the realization that I'm being taught high concept stuff.  I just feel the fringes of it upon awakening.  It's a very interesting and nice feeling.  That last event I had with the hundreds of red orbs coming together into a swirl had me thinking the other day that it was connected to this "night school" I'm in.  From past visions and dreams, I have seen a single red orb hidden or buried and equated it with discovering hidden knowledge.

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