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Diary 2003

August 27:  I received a vision last night of a symbol that will go into the September 10th Wheel. The symbol has Egyptian energy in it and clearly works as a dimensional "slide". If there were such a thing as time then you could call it a time machine. This symbol has the potential to heal on many levels.

On the night of the September 10th Wheel I 'awoke' from death 3 times. This was not a dream but a physical experience. Think of it as rebirth. For all who participated are reborn. This is the magic and wonder of the Wheel. Anyone who participates in the Wheel has the potential to transform their lives.

September 27:  I had a vision last night of moving through nine rings of light. At the end of the ninth ring was a figure, waiting for me. As I passed through the ninth ring a burst of light flooded me. I suddenly felt weightless, expansive like the night sky, and absolutely free. I came upon an odd screen, knowing that it responded to questions. I asked, "Where is God?" And the screen rotated in its frame to reveal a mirror with my image reflected in it. "God" is within. The next Wheel ceremony is October 10th.

November:  For weeks I worked with the Star of David, leading up to the Concordance. I became aware of "timelines". I could feel and see them around people and help them clear their lines. I followed their timelines into prior lives and helped them clear issues still lingering in the present.

December:  I'd been having visions and dreams for weeks about Earth changes. Some were more dramatic than others. The visions and dreams of the changes stopped after the full moon. I also received a vision of another wormhole. When I built the wormhole and followed its course I felt a dimensional and permanent shift in my being.
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