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Diary 2004

January:  I've been getting lots of messages about death and rebirth lately and appears to be the dominate theme for the upcoming Wheel. One of the more enchanting messages came from a pair of owls, apparently mating in the tree above the Wheel.

The theme of death and rebirth continues this month in the loss of pets and friends. It appears to be the topic of conversation among people I come in contact with. So much transition lately. And since the full moon, portals have been opening up all around the earth on almost a daily basis to elevate our vibration.

Thursday night I walked into a portal and it surrounded me much like a soap bubble. Only the inside of it was like an endless reflection of mirrors. I could move the bubble, spin it with my intent. Four light beings stood just outside the bubble. Each had a distinctive feel. But I was drawn to one in particular. When I reached out to his energy I felt elated and free. We opened a gateway to yet another dimension. And now I have another celestial ambassador to watch over me.

I appear to be transmuting. It feels like another Shaman's death. I no longer see my internal organs. I see an endless universe surrounded by the gold frame of my body. I now can clear my energy field by folding it in towards this universe.

February:  Woke up the other morning in another room without any knowledge of how I got there. Soon realized I was out-of-body/bi-locating and could feel my other body tugging at me through my solar plexus to return.

Dreamed I was walking down a wooded path and found a glimmering dogwood made of silver. A promise and a reward on my journey.

The stalker is back. He once walked past me in a crowded room and I felt the energy drain instantly from the whole left side of my body. I nearly collapsed from the drain and shock. He doesn't work with the female energy and must steal it. And now he's back when my defenses are weakened and it's draining me.
Too much death lately has weakened my will and opened my exit doors.

I walked to the very edge and turned back. How many different ways I will experience death I care not to know. Arch Angel Michael came to me last night with a burst of light. This morning I feel amazingly better. One can stay in the pits for so long that they forget what it is like to feel good, to want to feel good, to feel alive.

Arch Angel Michael visited me a third and final night. The morning after each visit I felt incredibly rejuvenated. On the final night I saw a swirl of light and felt that I was at the end of a cycle or shift in energy. I had come full circle once again.

March:  The starman and I are the same. It came as a dream. We were thawing out the masses from their self-imprisoned beliefs.

Recall hearing my cell phone ringing in the middle of the night and contemplating, at the time, whether I would get up to answer it or not---not. When I got up this morning my cell phone was off. I turned it on and it shows that I have a message but there's nothing there when I check it. I asked spirit what gives and was shown that I have a new guide. Something I don't regularly check on but something spirit felt important enough to let me know right away by phone.

In the last part of the "dream" I was being held down. Then my head and feet started lifting off the bed in a pulsing, rippling motion. It felt like I was rapidly rotting or being devoured, like in time-lapse photography. There was an energy field around my head and feet and a repetitive rhythmic sound of three high pitched bird-like sounds followed by a short pause. The sound increased in volume, my head and feet were bouncing up off the bed, and now the inside of my body was like a dirt devil--a twister with the rustle of leaves and the sound of rushing wind. I thought to open one eye to get a glimpse of Them when it all suddenly settled into a quite hush, my body still tingling upon opening my eyes. Once again, I'd awaken before the dimensional transition was complete. And still, Their image evaded me. Not even the frequent disguise used to protect my comfort zone was present.

Seeing the Green Man take physical form last summer really stretched my comfort zone. It felt like someone had a hold of my eyes as they moved uncontrollably. They made my eyes focus on him. An enchanted forest thrust up through the top of his head. He invited me into his world and the day was full of wonders.

A message from Max: If you look in the mirror and say, "Well, it's just you and me", duality disappears.

I don't subscribe to the newspaper. When I feel I need to see something in the newspaper Spirit delivers it. This morning I woke up feeling a need to look in the classifieds. The paper was on my doorstep.

April:  She walked up to me, anxious to show me the pendant she had found. It was of Celtic design and chose her as much as she had chosen it. She had strong ties and happy memories to her former Celtic life and that life was now reaching out to her, asking her to reclaim her power. I asked her if I may adjust the amulet as there was a misalignment. Upon consent, I held it in my hand, saw the doorways opening, and felt the change take place, both in the pendant and her.

It was a simple looking basket, sitting on a dusty shelf in an antique store I felt guided to enter. I picked up the basket and disappeared. I placed my hand inside of its richly aromatic opening and could not find the bottom. I was standing among the universe, holding a star in my hand. I set the basket back down and heard the store owner say that the basket was from Tibet. It is a shaman's basket and now sits on my healing altar.

May:  I was in the garden when I felt a definite spiritual poke to my back. An Elder asked to walk with me awhile and share his knowing.

June:  Another antique store. This time a healing drum and with more power and magic to add to my alter.

I met him at a book signing. A tunnel of blue light spiraled out from behind. There were numerous light beings on many levels scattered throughout the tunnel. Vast amounts of information lie within. The tunnel was impenetrable from any dimension. Absolutely nothing would impede this mission. It was a pleasure to meet Gregg Braden.

July:  I had a restless night. I kept waking up, wringing my feet whereas most troubled folks wring their hands. And somewhere in the night I saw an asteroid falling.

Last year I saw this John Edwards guy in a short TV commercial and was awed by his spirit. "This man is Presidential material", I felt. It looks like he is well on his way.

August:  We aren't just dreaming we are living through our dreams and we can move through them at will. If you meet an enlightened being in your dream ask the being to teach you. Ask questions in your dreams. Look for dates. Remember phone numbers. Get over the illusion that you are merely dreaming and take some control. Be that which you are intended.

Every night for almost a week I dreamed a movie theme. Either I was in a movie or I was conversing with movie stars and celebrities. Rhoda Morganstein was determined to get me set up in the business and gave me her phone number. I told her that Mary and I were already in contact.  Near the end of the week the ah-ha came and the movie dreams stopped. Our life is a movie. We are the producer, director, writer, and actor. Our "movie" entwines with countless others. But their movies aren't our dramas.

Interesting...something is closing in.

Well, last week I thought I needed a new watch. A few days later my watch went kaput. This week it felt like I needed to get a new phone. Yep. A few days later my phone went kaput.

I asked Earth Mother what this push is I keep feeling and immediately felt a push against my right side along with a tidal wave vision. My right side was facing east at the time. (My new watch has a compass).

A river opened beneath me. I felt it wanting to carry me. I let myself go and was carried away by the flow. It was a one way trip on the cleansing spirit river. I felt enlightened at the end. My soul was exposed as if I'd been stripped clean of everything else.

September:  Activity increases within John Edwards aura. It's growing from the inside out. Kerry doesn't feel like The one. The picture is somehow not complete as if a part of the puzzle is missing.

Some are getting the message. Some are leaving the coast and flood prone areas. Mother Nature is giving her final warnings.

October: Never thought to check out the meat section in the grocery store until last week. I anticipated a sense of bloody agony. But what I got was images and feelings of warm, sunny meadows, teaming with life and happiness--the unfulfilled dreams of the finely cut and packaged. There was the sadness, a life denied. Sorry meat lovers. 

I recall the time she sat across from me and we soon wandered into a discussion on past lives. Within minutes her past converged upon her in mass. The magnitude of the energy was nearly unbearable. We had pulled the plug and she was about to integrate, to accept her past and move forward. I mentally reached out and softened the blow, transforming the avalanche that was about to overwhelm her. She gasped slightly as the past comfortably merged with her. Her eyes, truly the windows of the soul, swelled with the integration. The past filled her eyes with the intensity of a bright white flame. She was now fully present. No more looking back.

Interesting, a blue being has appeared in Bush's aura just behind his right shoulder, shifting his energy field. That will shift the election as well.

November:  I awoke and soon felt a wave of peace engulf me. I immediately felt totally empowered. I hadn't a care in the world. Whatever I chose to do was within my power to manifest. I was completely connected to my higher self and emotionally detached from my Earth experience. It lasted five seconds before it shifted in the opposite direction and anxiety engulfed me. I was emotionally attached to all my experiences to the extent that I lost any connection with my higher self and spirit. The anxiety lifted just as quickly as it had arrived. I was receiving a lesson. Spirit was sending me a message of choice.

I awoke feeling that Jesus was all around me, everywhere. The feeling of peace and comfort was wonderful. I was even mentally taking dictation but didn't stay with the flow. I passed it off and drifted somewhere else before I finally got out of bed. Later in the day I realized the connection with James Twyman. I was signed up for his next set of lessons. Later in the day I received an email from him, stating that he had been in the presence of Jesus.

December: The bursts of light continue. Blue bursts during the day and white bursts at night when I close my eyes to sleep.
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