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Diary 2016

January 2016  The new year has an upbeat feel to it.  And one of the most memorable dreams I recall this month was of a visit from an uncle that passed over last year.  He just popped his head in the door to be recognized and then left.  He looked much younger and healthier in his new body.  Two other vibrant dreams curiously contained adamant characters in opposition to me.

February 2016  Third dream in a week where someone suggested something for me to eat.  The first two dreams involved ingredients from the ground and used in a mixture to repair stone walls (defensive measures). 

May 2016  Had a visitor two nights ago in a dream.  He had a dark complexion and no eyes.  His hair was black and straight but only covered one half side of his head.  A deep red beard covered same side of his head.  I approached him from behind to ask him something.  He turned slightly and placed his hand on me, sending three intense bursts of energy through me. 

June 2016   Had a vision last month of the moon suddenly moving in the sky in a path just like a check mark.  Not sure if it represented the physical moon or the spiritual aspect.  Time will say.

July 2016  Seeing stuff out of the corners of my eyes a lot this summer.

August 2016  Dreams of late with Harry Potter tones.  A special helper was required to assist in crossing the devil's vertical path.  With that step completed, another helper was able to come forward and dissolve approaching disruptions. 
Dream of Pan.  Message or initiation, we will see.  But a first.
Vision of advancing ahead. 

October 2016  Been waking up on my back lately.  Generally sleep on my side and don't move without knowing.  So, with anything out of routine, I'm curious about it.  Also have had a guide behind me in my dreams, verbally directing me through the dream and answering my questions.  That's new.

November 2016  Vision of a burning candle is a positive message. 

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