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Diary 2009

January:  The roaring sound approached.  My ears were buzzing from the frequency.  Flashes of white light grew with the intensity of the frequency.  When I placed my attention in the center of my head the volume increased.  And now the frequency is subtly constant.

February:  Intense frequency close to 1:30 am.  My molars ached and thought they may crack.  I opened my eyes at some point during the "dream" and found myself in a container filling up with liquid.  When it first started I was walking down a path.  The frequency began and I was lifted into the air.

A shift in energy proves expansive.  My awareness universal.  Thought is movement.  One curious "addition" is with food.  Even looking at the menu, I know what is not good, what is tainted.  Of course it took two stomach aches to confirm. 

March:  A bright flash of light interrupted my vision.  An image of a large oak filled my mind's eye.  The bare limbs slightly swayed in the dimming light.  Buds rapidly began to appear from the lower limbs to the top.  Leaves unfurled in similar fashion.  I felt the energy race up through the tree and spread to every twig.  The now fully leafed tree quickly faded and my vision returned.

We had a very early spring.

April:  Again a flash of light interrupted my vision.  The outline of a snow angel appeared within my mind's eye, filling the night sky.  The stars around her moved into her outline and filled her form like a sparkling diamond.  The image slowly faded and my vision returned.  

May:  A quiet month.  Often an omen in itself.  

June:  The morning sun breached the horizon when black snake curled into the bluebird house, smothering the tiny occupants.  The cries for help were no match for the intruder.  And in that moment I knew that she too would soon pass.  Bluebirds were her favorite.  A week later the sad news came.

July:  Another quiet month... 

An ascended master came to me in a dream.  She counseled me and gave me comfort.

Another passage after a long battle.

I knew that I was on a spaceship.  And with that realization she turned.  Her face was like a dolls, mask-like and emotionless.  I asked a question and she replied by showing me a device on her wrist.  

Sunlight emerging.  Black snake dangling from the bird feeder like a dark pendulum.  The fresh catch now lifeless in its jaws.  Another will pass, I thought.  A week later the tragic news came.      

September:  Heard the words, "Your soul..." with the inflection that I was to respond.  "My soul belongs to the One Life", came my immediate reply.  Three rapid bursts of white light followed.

The number five keeps coming up.  The number for change.  And yet, I often awake at exactly four am.

October:  A month of frequent bursts of light in various forms. 
Vision of straight line winds preceded a violent storm.   
November:  He handed me a stone and a portal opened up behind me.
December:  He appeared elderly.  When he reached out and touched me, waves of energy shot through me.  He held tight through the intense movements.  Moments later I felt my form deflating.  Then I felt an inflation into a new form.              




















































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